“The Bridge” recap (1.9) – The Beetle

Last week’s mind-blowing episode of The Bridge was going to be a tough to top but the show continues to raise the ante.   Marco’s penis and poor decisions continue to wreak havoc on everyone around him.  We found out that Marco had been sleeping with David Tate’s wife before she was killed.  Now David Tate is sleeping with Marco’s wife, and we the viewers can’t help but be concerned that Alma will face a similar fate.

The opening sequence is possibly the most powerful we’ve seen, with haunting images of Tate’s wife’s lifeless body being removed from her totaled car as Tate arrives on the scene. Her necklace is broken in the chaos and beads spill forth upon the ground. Tate picks one up and holds it in his trembling hand.  When he looks for his son, and finds a child’s arm dangling from the wreckage, his pain is unimaginable. He screams the scream of a man whose soul has been ripped apart.

A flashback to the deaths of Tate's son and wife on "The Bridge"

Sonya and Marco are still at the Santi Jr. crime scene. Marco is pacing and stressed the hell out. It doesn’t help that his boss wants answers and wants them now.  Santi Jr’s father is an important man and this was the last straw. His chief tells Marco to stop fucking around and find the killer. Sonya tells Marco that Tate isn’t done, and wants to know that connection between the two. Santi Jr was a suspect in the accident that killed Tate’s family, and thus, a perfect target. Sonya gives Marco the third degree about his affair with the late Mrs. Tate. He yells at her that not everything is simple as black and white.  She asks if Tate knew about the affair but Marco says, no way. He was at the damn funeral for chrissakes! Sonya wonders aloud if perhaps he didn’t know back then, but does now.  This thought causes Marco to panic and he and Sonya rush off to find his family.

At Charlotte’s ranch, she’s wandering around the stable, looking for Cesar. A horse is out of his pen, but before Charlotte can figure out why, she’s hit in the head with a shovel.  In pain but not unconscious, she looks up to find Graciella and her henchman standing over her. The older woman wants to know where Ray is, and prepares to cut the answer out of Charlotte if need be. Cesar shows up, pump action rifle in his hand, and blows away Graciella’s goon. Graciella doesn’t bat an eye, and demands to know where Ray is.  As Graciella taunts and threatens Cesar, she is suddenly cut off…by a pitchfork to the chest.  Charlotte stands panting, holding the bloody tool.


In the car, Marco and Sonya are rushing to his home. Alma won’t pick up the phone and Marco is worried. He calls Gus, but no answer there either. Thankfully, Gus is safe for the time being. He runs into Zima, the girl he’s been texting back and forth with for weeks. She looks confused when he mentions their plans later that day. Zima, all punk and piercings, tells him that they haven’t spoken since she moved to Laredo, months ago.  Someone else has been texting Gus from Zima’s old number.

When Marco and Sonya arrive at the house, it’s empty. Marco calls a family friend to see if the girls are with her.  She tells him that Alma came by an hour earlier and picked them up. Sonya picks the absolute worst time to question Marco’s about the banalities of monogamy, and he yells at her.  She changes the subject and asks what kind of man David Tate was.  Marco tells her that Tate wanted to make a difference. He was looking into the murders of the lost girls of Juarez, an investigation his bosses at the Bureau quickly shot down.  Marco says that Tate changed after the accident though.  Marco’s phone rings, and it’s Alma. He picks up but hears Tate’s voice on the other end. Tate taunts Marco in the same way he does to a small beetle that wandered onto his picnic table. It’s evident that Tate will do his best to squash them both. After Marco threatens to kill him, Tate hangs up. Alma and the girls join him at the table, all smiles and soda pops.  Tate asks Alma if she wants to call her husband to let him know where she is. Alma, says no, and makes eyes at Tate.


Stephen Linder stops by to make sure Eva is doing all right on Reverend Bob’s Farm. She smiles warmly at him when he arrives.  Linder wants to confess something to Rev. Bob, so they go and chop some wood to loosen up. Linder tells the Rev about killing Hector. Rev Bob tells him that sin sort of depends on the situation. Hector was a bad man, and Linder did the only thing he could.  Linder shows Rev Bob a piece of human skin that he found in Hector’s pocket.  The Rev asks where the body is, and Linder says, funny story – a man came and took it away. Problem solved! Linder wants to confess to Eva about what happened and Rev Bob agrees that is for the best.  Linder also admits to thinking about Eva in a “special” way, and Rev Bob tells him that is pretty much normal. They agree to have some ham salad, because all this murder talk makes a body hungry.


Tate and Alma are on a swing set, talking about his son Caleb.  He tells Alma how his son’s death made him a different person, one that was mad at the world.  She offers her sympathy and tells him she couldn’t imagine losing a child like that. He dusts himself off and reminds Alma that he has a surprise for her and the girls.

Back at Marco’s, Gus finally comes home and is greeted with a huge hug from his father.  Sonya asks Gus about “Ken Hastings” and Gus tells them that he works with Alma at the school. Marco wants to know if Hastings has ever been in his house. Gus says yes, but kept it a secret at Alma’s request.  Just then, Sonya gets a call to meet Lt. Wade and the others at Hastings’ apartment.  The apartment building was wired up to explode, but the bomb squad has disarmed it.  The detectives investigate and find a small room carved out in the wall space.  Inside are maps, clippings, a jar of beads and surveillance pictures of Marco.  Also among the pictures, is a photo o f a small wooden cabin in the desert.


The cabin is exactly where Tate and Alma are headed. Her face registers disappointment when she sets eyes on it. Tate tells her to come on in and cover her eyes. While the girls are distracted by furry hamsters, Tate places a loaded grenade in Alma’s hand and locks her and the girls inside.