New “Glee” promo photos: Santana has a cure for your ladybits problems

We’re finally only a week away from the season five premiere of Glee, and promo material from the two-episode Beatles tribute is presenting itself like manna from sing-song heaven. Fox has released 15 new photos from episode 502, “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds,” which feature three treats: 1) Tina is apparently being given a story in which she gets to speak and sing, 2) Rachel lands a small spot in a Broadway show, and 3) Santana is peddling yeast infection cream in a TV commercial! The episode will also introduce us Demi Lovato‘s character, Dani, who will be Santana’s love interest for a six-episode arc.

glee-season-5-episode-2-15“When Brittany sees me on national TV talking about vaginas, she’ll come running.”

glee-season-5-episode-2-14“Side effects of looking at me may include dry mouth, hallucination, and heart palpitations.”

glee-season-5-episode-2-13“Santana, that commercial will exist on YouTube FOREVER.”

glee-season-5-episode-2-08“That f–king hurts, lady!” “Lesbian fandom says hello.”

glee-season-5-episode-2-05“Let’s just call this what it is: Two beautiful Slytherins in love.”

glee-season-5-episode-2-03“All you need is love…”

glee-season-5-episode-2-11“…love and Vaporub!”

Check out all 15 promo photos at TVLine. Are you excited about Glee‘s season five premiere?