Six Things We Learned about Lena from Season 1 of “Ray Donovan”

Kate Moennig  might not have been on every episode of Ray Donovan, but when she was, her character left a strong impression. The show has a huge ensemble and Lena, Ray’s sarcastic lesbian assistant, is trying to help hold down the business while the Donovan family keeps their wits about them the best they can. (They have a lot of enemies.)

So here’s what we learned about Lena from the first season of the drama, which will return next year on Showtime.

1. She has an anger problem. Before admitting as much in the finale, she punched both her married lover and Ray’s chained up one-time mistress—even after the girl said she had epilepsy.


2. She’s a good actor when she has to be. When Ray needs her to stall, she’ll pretend to work for a modeling agency and take pictures of preteens with easily-influenced moms.


3. Ray is her employer, but he’s also her family. And so is Avi, who works as closely with Ray as she does. The moment in the finale where she’s sitting by Avi’s side in the hospital is the first real show of emotion from Lena.


4. She has a thing for blondes. Both the woman in her bed in the pilot and her married love interest have light hair. But she doesn’t seem to have an age preference.


5. She doesn’t take advice. Avi told Lena to talk to her girlfriend about “her feelings, tell her you love her.” And that’s when Lena goes to her work and knocks her out. (See what I mean about that whole “anger” thing?)


6. She’s a fan of black. Blazers, pants, boots. It’s the Lena uniform.



We are not condoning violence, this show just happens to be extremely violent in nature. Lena is relatively tame compared to her cohorts. Let’s hope she can get that anger under control!