Take a peek at the “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween episode

Welcome to the first day of October, the month we’ve all been waiting for because it means Pretty Little Liars is returning to our TVs! ABC Family has released some promo photos of the episode, which will air on October 22 and anchor the network’s annual 13 Nights of Halloween celebration. What we know so far is that episode is a two-hour behemoth of a thing that will also serve as a backdoor pilot for Ravenswood. Also, we know that Emily is wearing this outfit the whole time—which, frankly, is all we really even need to know.


Here are some other stills from the episode:

TROIAN BELLISARIO, SHAY MITCHELL, LUCY HALE, ASHLEY BENSON“It’s a good thing you had these outfits in your backpack, Aria!”

TROIAN BELLISARIO“The Dowager Countess of Gotham at your service.”

BRETT DIER“Yeah, I’m definitely Gene Corbett, the biggest ass in the history of Bomb Girls.

IAN HARDING“Hi there, little girl, do you want a piece of Halloween cand—oh, uh, Aria. Hey. I didn’t recognize you.”

SHAY MITCHELL, TROIAN BELLISARIO“And this is my décolletage from a whole other angle.”

TYLER BLACKBURN, NICOLE ANDERSON“Your girlfriend is a PinkDrink-er; you might as well admit defeat and stay here.”

ASHLEY BENSON“Choose between you and Mona once and for all?!”

TYLER BLACKBURN“Can I crash in your air vents?”

MEG FOSTER“My psycho-senses are tingling!”

SASHA PIETERSE“And then I’ll be like, ‘She’s mine, Pigskin! She’s always been mine!'”

SHAY MITCHELL, MEG FOSTER“My dear, you have The Grim! The giant, spectral dog that haunts churchyards! It is an omen—the worst omen—of death!” “You think?”

LUCY HALE“Shana? Hey, it’s Aria. Can we hire your death ferry to pick us up and take us home?”

How excited are you for the PLL Halloween episode?