Our favorite #ShaycagoFire tweets from “Prove it”

Chicago Fire - Season 2

Before this season of Chicago Fire started I asked the television gods for three things. I asked it to end the Shay-Severide baby nonsense, to give Shay a love interest, and to nurture the Shawson friendship and to give us more, more, more of those lovely ladies being best buds. This episode appears to have taken all three of those requests to heart. The baby isn’t Severide’s so he and Shay are back to being bros. Shawson were not only goofing on each other and Shay’s terrible gaydar but also took a shower together. Apparently the TV gods are feeling generous to the lesbians and the Shawson shippers of the world.

But wait! There’s more! Shay flirted in the most adorably awkward way with her realtor while trying to find out if she likes pink drinks or not. Throw in some cheeky jokes about obstetrics and packing and was like an early lesbian Christmas.

Your tweets kept me chuckling all evening. Here are some favorites.

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