“Chicago Fire” recap (2.2): “Packing all weekend”

Previously on Chicago Fire, Shay helped Severide count to 40 weeks, Dawson and Casey admitted how much they love being friends who have eye sex like a couple of rabbits, Mouch announced his run for Union President, Mills continued pouting because he blew it with Dawson, lost his spot on Squad to a mole, and is still a little pissed that Boden and his mom made the beast with two backs. Heather Darden celebrated the death of her husband the old fashioned way, by getting loaded and driving into a tree.  The mean consultant, Gail McLeod, is out to shut down Boden’s fire house, and someone set Severide’s beautiful Camaro, and half of Chicago, on fire.

Severide walks out into the light and finds Renee arriving on his doorstep, pregnant and insanely gorgeous. She’s happy to see him because her mom made her watch The Business of Being Born 17 times while she was Out of Town. She grabs his hand so he can feel the baby kick. He’s really more of a baseball player type so the kicking makes him realize, as Shay’s arithmetic lesson couldn’t, that the kid isn’t his. He does the adult thing and makes a lame excuse about being late for work and runs away.

CF 2021

Somewhere across town, Casey is having a hard time with a couple kids who aren’t his, too. The Darden boys are hungry, still wearing their PJs, and dropping beer bottles on the floor. Casey is in way over his head. Thank god for Gabriella Dawson, who drops by bearing granola bars and the foolproof plan of telling kids to hurry because they are being timed. The boys scamper off while Casey tells Dawson he hopes Heather gets out of jail soon because when he said he was ready for kids, he meant cute little babies, not the beer-bashing, smart-mouthed, brothers Darden.

CF 2022

Severide is a man with a plan.  Maybe he can’t count to 40 weeks or control the results of the paternity test for Renee’s spawn, but, dammit, he can solve the arson case with intuition and a very official looking folder.  He knows who it is!  O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! The arsonist is a guy Benny Severide put away when he was on Squad. Clearly, he’s the one who has it in for Kelly. The investigator humors Severide who skips out the door whistling “Zip A Dee Do Dah.”

Evil Gail McLeod is in the Chief’s office, verbally kicking his ass, and making his blood pressure go through the roof.  She offers to get someone to come input data into “The Wizard” for him if he can’t manage to do it himself. Oh man, she is delightfully evil.

Down in the garage Shay spots Severide and wanders over to remind him that they need to move out of their apartment.  He says it’s no problem because he and Renee can finish packing over the weekend.  Shay asks if that means he talked to Renee about the baby and Severide gets defensive. He tells Shay that Renee only got back to town a few hours ago and to give him a break.  But his face says “I just want to hold on to this baby dream for a little longer, OK?”

CF 2023

Upstairs everyone is lining up for food (and a timely reminder that Mills’ family has a restaurant). They’re chatting about how Casey would have sent the Darden boys to school in their PJs, smelling like a frat basement, if Dawson hadn’t shown up to rescue him.  Shay and Dawson engage in a little breakfast eye shagging as they momentarily reminisce about that time they had some beer and ended up in their jammies.  But it’s ocular coitus interruptus because the gang gets called out.

CF 2024

The call is for a car accident involving a house that fell off a flatbed.  Under the house is the wicked witch.  Well, no, but there are two motorcyclists who got trapped when the thing came off the truck.  While Severide goes all HGTV on the house to pull the guys out, Casey and Dawson track down an adorable kid who jumped out of the back of the second car and hid.

Back at the firehouse, Boden is getting his ass handed to him by The Wizard. While he’s trying to sort out McLeod’s computer program, Herrmann and Mouch are working on a campaign strategy. Apparently, Mouch is the most valuable commodity in this campaign. God, they’re screwed.

The lady who was supposed to take care of the Darden boys has arrived to drop the buggers off because her daughter is sick. Griffin won’t come in because he’s still pissed that his dad died in a fire. Ben has no such qualms and enjoys being escorted in by Dawson (smart boy). Severide picks him up (causing millions of straight ladies to have spontaneous ovary explosions) and shows Ben the map of all the houses in their area. While staring at the map, Severide goes all John Nash and his beautiful mind realizes something. Griffin tells Casey that this place is bullshit and he wants to go home. Casey figures he can buy a little good will with a sandwich on the pier. Maybe you should get Dawson to say it. It might work better if you pair your words and her, ummm, face.  Meanwhile, Ben is getting to break the rules by going up on the ladder. Ruh roh, Clark the narc is watching.

Severide is up in his office doing some paperwork when Renee comes in bearing gifts. She holds up a firefighter costume and Severide barely looks at her. He tells her that he loves her but is there anyway that there’s a Spaniard in her womb? She slaps him and storms out. I’m not sure he quite deserved the slap but it was satisfying anyway.

CF 2025

The Chief follows up the slap by telling Severide the cops have the Big John the arsonist (not to be confused with Lil’ Jon the rapper), in custody. Severide runs down the station only to find out they have nothing tying the guy to the fires. Big John chirps at Severide who shoves him and gets an earful from the investigator. Not the best day for Severide.