“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.3): Sleep with Me

Concerned about Richard, Ross calls Meredith to fill her in on his condition. Richard looks skeletal and is slowly starving to death. Meredith tells Ross to prepare an NG tube so it will be ready when all else fails. Derek stumbles in from his hour and a half trip down the street to buy milk. It seems that he fell asleep in the parking lot. Meredith is wildly jealous and also slightly delirious from exhaustion.


Jackson is delighted that Stephanie is with him today for rounds, because he wants to show her the softer side of plastics. His patient is a young woman who has been badly scarred and he will be removing the damaged tissue and giving her a new lease on life. The woman’s insurance ran out a few surgeries back, so Jackson and the hospital are donating the surgery. Stephanie is so happy and charmed by Jackson, she practically gets a lady pro-bonor herself.


Leah goes out to the waiting room to find baseball bat women’s husband, and is bewildered to find his brother there as well. The brother has guilty face, and Leah leaves without saying much of anything at all.

Cristina and Alex are teaming up to help a teenager with a bad heart. He received a transplant as an infant, but now it’s failing again. Cristina wants to try risky surgery that would negate the need for a donor heart, but Alex strongly warns the family against it. They are on Team Cristina though, because they feel waiting for a donor heart that might never come is a bigger risk.


Bailey schools Ross over the feeding tube she found in Richard’s room. He tries to explain that he’s just being proactive, but Richard tells him if he really wants to help, he’ll get him a bowl of damn soup.

Owen and Jackson get into the mix with each other about pro-bono patients. The hospital can’t afford them right now, because they need all their funding to go toward repairing the infrastructure. Jackson decides to put on his Avery pants and informs Owen that he actually works for Jackson. Owen is pissed, but decides to play the game.


Cristina and Meredith are on the phone doing their special “you’re my person” dialogue that only they can really keep up with. This was what I was able to piece together: Touching hands leads to intercourse and Derek is a filthy nap stealer. The dulcet tones of Cristina’s phone voice manage to put Meredith right to sleep on the bathroom floor. She wakes up to a nice steam facial, and Derek standing in the doorway. Apparently his nipples are a complete disaster and the baby is awake again.


Jackson has a spring in his step as he tells Stephanie how he defeated big, bad Chief Owen with his sword of intimidation. When he goes to check on his pro-bono patient, he finds an empty bed. Owen has moved her out. Everyone is freaking out about Owen’s new protocols. He’s rescheduling surgeries, transferring patients, and kind of being a dick. So basically, it’s an average Tuesday.

Ross brings Richard his soup, but Richard doesn’t want an intern hovering, so he shoos him away. Ross stays close by though, watching Richard slowly bring the spoon to his lips. The soup experiment is not a success as Richard chokes and coughs the liquid. Ross knows he needs to do something soon.


Alex finds Jo studying in the supply room, and they flirt and tease each other like usual. There is a whole lot of sexual tension behind their smiles though. Both want to do it, but neither of them knows if the other wants to, so the comedy of errors continues. I’m pretty sure this is the first episode I’ve seen where someone doesn’t get laid. What is this? Antiques Roadshow?