“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.3): Sleep with Me

Cristina and Owen find themselves alone and Owen reminisces about how he misses kissing each other good luck before surgery. Callie, who is not unlike a bulldozer of resentment, interrupts them to ask about their unsuccessful couples counseling. Good talk, Callie. Callie gets a call from April that baseball bat lady has a bleed that needs to be address and they will have to cut the clavicle. Callie runs like a lunatic through the halls, screaming at April not to cut the clavicle. She clears out an entire elevator with the fire shooting out of her eyeballs. April does it anyway and Callie gets to the OR too late to stop her. Callie yells at April in front of the entire operating room and tosses her ass out.


Elbow deep into their own surgery, Cristina questions Alex about his relationship with Jo. Alex, who would screw a hole in the wall, finds himself really caring about Jo. He wants their first time together to be special. Cristina, ever the romantic, tells Alex he’s acting like a big ol’ girl. I kind of like this side of Alex.


The Mer/Der mansion is covered in puke and drool, and that’s just Meredith and Derek. Derek passes out of the couch, but Meredith is too worried about Richard to sit around. She packs up Bailey and heads to the hospital. Wearing a flannel shirt and pushing a stroller, Meredith looks like she’s on her way to brunch in Park Slope. I’ve never found her more attractive.


The interns are studying outside by the loading dock, but Jo’s pants are on fire. She tells them all to stay away from Alex’s tonight because she’s going to make the best out of this last pair of panties if it kills her. (Just give it a couple months Jo, then you can go back to your bloomers.) Leah gets a page and takes off. Baseball bat lady is crashing and Callie can’t revive her. She dies on the table. Callie insists that Leah follow through on the woman’s last request. Leah walks over and scolds her corpse for putting her in such an uncomfortable position. Selfish corpses.

Bailey is surprised and not too happy to see Meredith at the hospital. More than anything, she’s worried about Meredith’s health, but Meredith is more concerned about Richard. Bailey admits that Richard is not ok, but worries that the feeding tube will crush Richard’s will to live. Meredith thinks starving to death is literally more soul crushing, so they walk off to talk it out. If Cristina were there, they’d dance it out instead. Ross walks in with a feeding tube and tells Richard that he’s not going to let anyone else die while he can do something about it. He convinces Richard that letting him insert the feeding tube will be a lot less traumatic than if Meredith has to make that call. Richard reluctantly accepts his fate.


After staring at asses all day during back to back liposuctions, Jackson is relived to see his pro bono patient wasn’t transferred after all, just hidden. Owen just keeps ’em coming, doesn’t he? Owen explains that the liposuctions Jackson performed paid for the pro-bono work. Jackson sees his point, although Owen could have just said that instead of playing games. Owen is an awesome liar and Jackson thinks they can use that to their advantage with the board.

Cristina and Alex’s surgery isn’t going as well as they hoped. Cristina tells him that it’s Jo that will make the sex special, not a perfect time or circumstance. She suggests he go all caveman on her, which he rejects because he’s classy-like now. He’s a homeowner for crissakes. They have to close up the kid’s chest, and hope that he gets a donor heart before it’s too late. They break the disappointing news to this family.

April is still a mess, waiting to here about her boards. Jackson attempts to comfort her, but mid conversation she gets the email. Jackson reads it for her, and thankfully she has passed! Now she can stick to being neurotic about other things like sex and carbs. She jumps up to give Jackson a hug, but her gives her the ol’ high fiver instead. It’s awkward in the best possible way.


Pagers are going off like crazy and the board members, including an exhausted and annoyed Derek, run to answer it. They all arrive at the destroyed wing, where Owen and Jackson have set up an impromptu board meeting. The board will be throwing a gala event to cozy up to all the rich donors, whether they like it or not.


Jo waits for Alex at his place, and surprises him with an intern-less living room. Just like Cristina advised, he tosses her over his shoulder and takes her off to bed. She is totally on board, and sends a prayer of thanks to the sexy time gods.

At the hospital, Owen and Cristina are taking a much less pleasant ride. They are in the elevator of feelings, and no one will escape unscathed. Cristina wants them to see other people as a way of diffusing their feelings for one another. Owen knows when he’s beat, so he says he will try.


Arizona sits alone in a therapy waiting room. She lights up like the sun when she sees Callie walk in. That makes it all the more devastating when Callie finally opens up. Callie acknowledges what Arizona can’t bear to admit. They weren’t happy. Or at least Arizona wasn’t. The feeling of betrayal is too strong right now for Callie to stand by Arizona’s side, however love however doesn’t just disappear when a heart is broken. Sure, anger and resentment can fill the cracks, but love is stronger than all of that. Love is why Callie then encourages Arizona to seek out help on her own. Deep down, Callie knows what Arizona did wasn’t about her. It was a temporary solution for Arizona. A misplaced attempt at healing. Arizona is terrified and tells Callie that she needs her. Callie knows that she does, and with a painfully heavy heart, walks out. For Callie, this is the first big step in self-preservation. Arizona looks like she’s drowning from the inside, and in a way she is. She has been for a long time. She needs help, and Callie cannot be the one to heal her anymore. We all must sink or swim at some point. Arizona, it’s time to dive in.


Meredith is sitting quietly by Richard’s side as if all the years of mistrust and blame between them have faded into the background. She has embraced him as family. The feeding tube is in place, and Richard reveals that he made the wrong choice in letting Meredith be his proxy. He never expected her to be this sentimental mush. He thought she would be brave enough to let him die, rather than live like this. Meredith takes his words like a kick to the gut, but doesn’t say a word.

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