“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.02): Mischief Managed

Emma and Company think for a second they’ve found (a suddenly taller, blonder) Henry, but it’s just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Pan is less than pleased and calls them all cheaters before sicking his Lost Boys on them. Hook warns them that their arrows are laced with Dreamshade, so they would do well not to get nicked by them. Which, of course, Charming, Prince of Failing, does almost immediately. Snow gets back to her roots with her bow and arrow, Emma and Hook have their swords, and Regina is magicking arrows away from her. Hook also has a dash of sass, using Rufio as proof that he shows no mercy for Lost Boys. (RUUUFIIIIOOOOO!)

Emma eventually pins down a Lost Boy and stares deep into his eyes. She sees something there that makes her let him go and Pan sees it and calls his Boys off her. He reminds her once more of the rules before running off.

Emma sits with the parchment once more, this time with just Snow by her side, instead of the whole camp looking on. In a speech that sounds like it came from a PFLAG book, she tells Emma that sometimes you need a push to remember who you really are.

Snow asks Emma why she stopped fighting that Lost Boy. Emma says first that it’s because they were fighting children. Snow shakes her head, knowing there’s more. Emma admits that she’s right, it’s more than that. She stopped because she saw despair in her eyes that was all too familiar. She saw herself from when she was a lost girl . Not a sexy bisexual succubus Lost Girl, a sad little orphan lost girl who didn’t even have an overly optimistic redheaded friend.

Emma finally admits out loud to Mary Margaret that she still feels like an orphan. That she’s not over that feeling of abandonment she felt for years, because no one could tell her why her parents gave her up. Mary Margaret tells her that she intends on making sure she never feels like an orphan again.


They then notice that upon Emma’s admission, the parchment revealed a map. And they were waving it around a lot, but I’m pretty sure Neverland is actually just Australia.

Back in time again, Snow goes to Rumple to tell him that whatever Charming owes him, she’ll pay. Rumple accurately calls her nauseatingly romantic and then laughs in her face when she calls the toy sword in her hand Excalibur. He tells her that all she has to pay him for his wasting his time and steals her mother’s necklace right off her.

Now that the Jolly Roger Crew has a working map, they decide they need a new plan. They devise some maneuver and Regina asks what happens if she doesn’t agree. Emma keeps her voice calm and quiet and says that they’re better together. Regina doesn’t disagree.

OUAT 302-7Emma finally learned that eye contact is all it takes for Regina to lose all will to fight her.

Hook sees this interaction and smiles knowingly at Emma. They share some rum and some breathspace, but Emma quickly grows tired of the pirate’s smarmy looks and scoots off to pick some berries. (I wasn’t too concerned by this because, much like Captain Jack – Sparrow AND Harkness, actually – Hook flirts with anything that moves. In fact, he hit on Charming a few times this episode and it was delightful.)

While she’s doing so, Pan appears and taunts her, saying that maybe now she understands how Henry feels, that he still resents her for leaving him. I yell at him that at least Henry had Regina, but Pan is relentless. He tells Emma that by the time she finds Henry, he will not want to leave the island, and she will be a real orphan.

What did you think of “Lost Girl”?

Next week: Tinkerbell, who apparently has a “complicated history” with Regina…ladies, start your fanfic-engines.

In case you missed it, we have changed the AfterEllen hashtag for Once Upon A Time from #SwanQueen to #queerytales. It was too hard to find you guys among general fandom tweets, and you guys are often my favorite parts of episodes, so I wanted to make sure I could read all your live-tweeting.

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