“Degrassi” recap (13B.1): This is How We Do It

After a tumultuous summer, the students of Degrassi High return for what is sure to be another exciting, and most likely melodramatic year. This first episode focuses on the tension between the student council leaders—Dallas, Alli, Connor, Jenna, Clare and Drew—as Drew struggles to deal with his brother Adam’s untimely death, and a summer fling gone wrong between teen actress Zoe and millionaire Miles.

The episode opens with Clare rushing to school in a new, brightly colored dress, ready to take on the school as student council vice president. She enters and is greeted by Jenna, Alli and a locked auditorium door.  Soon, Connor shows up and kisses his girlfriend, Jenna, and Dallas enters to inform the rest of the group that he couldn’t find the key to the auditorium. He does offer Alli the key to his heart, which causes Alli to scoff, “You can put that back on your keychain, bud.”


Before Clare can fret too much about how they are going to set up the “Welcome Back” assembly ahead of the arrival of the rest of the students in two hours, Drew throws open the auditorium doors from the inside and announces that because he couldn’t sleep anyway, he decided to come to school and get a head start preparing the assembly. Which means that now all of the work has been done. Sure enough, the group enters the auditorium to find the balloons decorating the stage, the video projector set up and the sound system cranked. Clare is incredulous, but Drew assures her that he wants to make their senior year the best one Degrassi has ever had.

Students begin to arrive for the assembly. Imogen greets Becky (one of only two glimpses of Imogen we get all episode, by the way) who asks her if she had a fun summer. After and awkward pause, Imogen realizes her gaffe and apologizes. Becky brushes it off.


As Tristan and Maya take a seat, Tristan teases Maya about having her crush already lined up for the year. Maya informs him that she will be concentrating on music this year, not boys, but Tristan doesn’t believe her and points out that she didn’t get contacts so she can make flirty eyes at her cello. Meanwhile, Miles is teasing Winston that although Winston had been there for a whole year it’s as if none of the girls know him.  Winston retorts that there are no girls worth knowing. Miles disagrees. Looking pointedly at Maya as he passes her chair he responds, “I don’t know. There might be one or two worth checking out.” Maya, in turn, looks back at him longingly as he walks away.

The assembly begins and everything is going great—there’s a smoke machine, a light show, and pompoms.  Drew is firing everyone up for the best year of their life! That is, until, Drew steps forward, falls off the stage and passes out.


Moments later, Drew is coming back from the nurse’s office with Dallas. Drew tries to convince Dallas that he is fine even though he hasn’t been sleeping well lately, but Dallas isn’t buying it.

“Thinking about Adam?” Dallas asks. “Trying not to,” Drew replies.


Dallas insists, “But you’ve got to sleep. You taking those pills the doctor gave you?” Drew  insists that he doesn’t need the pills. What he needs is school, and student council because it’ll keep him busy and tire him out.

“For the first time since Adam died, I’m excited about stuff again,” he admits.

What he’s most excited about is planning student council’s first big event of the year and at the student council meeting he proposes that the first event should be a dance. However, Clare would rather do something to honor Adam and Becky suggests a “no texting and driving” campaign. Alli agrees that it would be a great way to learn from the tragedy. Becky chimes in saying that Adam would want the campaign but Drew disagrees saying that Adam would want a Degrassi Beach Blast dance. Clare proposes that they “put it to the people” by preparing presentations for each idea and take a vote at the next day’s meeting. Drew reluctantly agrees.