15 lesbian-themed Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is approaching fast, lesbos, and that means it’s time for you to make the final preparations for your costume. If you play it right, this year’s Halloween party could be the best night of your life. Unlike, say, Christmas with its tiny mugs of eggnog and New Year’s Eve with its tiny champagne flutes, Halloween’s perfect mix of free-flowing booze, unlimited sugar, and role-playing women create an environment that is rife with makeout possibilities. But not just any old vampire, witch, or firefighter costume is going to send the right message. You need to be specific. (If a girl doesn’t know a red-and-white William McKinley High School Cheerios uniform isn’t just a cheerleader costume, you don’t need to go home with her anyway.)

Below, find 15 lesbian-themed costume ideas that could change your life — or at least All Hallowe’s Eve.

1. Xena (Warrior Princess!)


What you need: Form-fitting body armor, sword, chakram.
Why it’s awesome: Xena is at the forefront of the lesbian pop-culture canon. Everyone knows her, and everyone knows she’s a big ol’ gaymo. So just by showing up dressed as the Warrior Princess, you’ll be putting off that vibe. Plus, donning Xena’s armor and, er, fingering her chakram will infuse you with a swagger you’ve probably never felt before. Ayiyiyiyiyiyi, will be your battle-cry!

2. Dark Willow (Witch!)


What you need: A cloak of the damned (black blazer/trousers), black wig, visible veins (black eye-liner ought to do the trick).
Why it’s awesome: Sure, you could dress up as a plain old witch, or even as plain old Willow Rosenberg, but it’s Halloweeen, man. Up your spook/freak factor. Everyone who knows Buffy the Vampire Slayer — which is to say: everyone worth knowing — will recognize you immediately. Some will cower. Some will swoon. Bonus points if you can figure out a (safe) way to conjure fire.

3. Madame Vastra (Time-traveling Silurian super-sleuth!)

Doctor Who

What you need: Victorian era-dress/cloak, katana, lizard-ish mask (or handmade face cast).
Why it’s awesome: Madame Vastra has become the number-one fan-favorite guest character during Eleven’s run on Doctor Who, because of course she has. She’s a time-traveling, sword-wielding, crime-solving lesbian Silurian who rains down justice across time and space, with her wife Jenny at her side. She’s a reptilian Sherlock Holmes! A homosexy Batman! And you know she’s got River Song on speed dial.