“Super Fun Night” (1.2) recap: Three Men and a Boubier

Looks like every episode of Super Fun Night is going to start with Rebel Wilson’s character, Kimmie, admitting to a personal struggle and a goal of how to overcome it, this week including a flashback of her and her first and only boyfriend who found her boring. The cure? Internet dating of course! As Kimmie says, “It worked great for my aunt who had 10 dead cats behind her couch.” Cue the theme song!

After presenting the idea of dating online to a hesitant Helen-Alice and Marika, she lures them in with the promise of group dating. They start to set up their profile. “Make sure in my description it says ‘heaving bosom,’” says Kimmie. Marika adds “Belgie waffles” to a list that includes Renaissance festivals.

At work, Richard and Kendall are holding a surprise meeting. Kimmie assumes the meeting is about the suspicious clog in the ladies bathroom that she may or may not know anything about. Turns out, it is actually about a rumor that one of their biggest clients, Peter Caine, may be leaving their firm. Richard and Kendall make plans to take him out for some schmoozing. Kimmie, flipping through her Pretty Little Liars fan fiction in which she makes all the characters fat and ugly, is told she can’t go and help because she has too much integrity, and isn’t able to sell the fantasy.

The three best friends are crowded around the computer, bummed to find that no one has responded to their ad. “I just don’t understand why we can’t meet guys the old fashion way,” Marika says. “Fake a car accident and wait for someone to pull over.” Later that evening, Kimmie takes it upon herself to update their profile. “Selling the fantasy,” she says to herself.

Kimmie’s secret manipulations seem to do the trick, as the ladies are next seen preparing for their date. “Who knew the computer could be used for pleasure,” says Helen-Alice. Kimmie finds Marika hiding in the bathroom, unsure whether she is cut out for this whole dating thing. She says she can’t go because she looks stupid. “I don’t know how to talk to guys, I haven’t wore a dress since prom,” she says. Kimmie gives her to ol’ pep talk, saying that any guy would be lucky to have her and that she has ‘the best calves this side of 5th avenue. Marika realizes she’s right, and heads out of the bathroom saying, “I forgot about the increased airflow in your lady bits when you wear one of these.” She motions to her dress as we see it is actually tucked into her underwear.


Once at the bar, Kimmie admits to “tinkering” with their profile saying that they didn’t get any responses being themselves, so she sold the fantasy. Before they can react, their dates arrive. In the bathroom, Kimmie admits that she made herself out to be a Russian model from Kiev, Marika a globe-trotting botanist that specializes in bushes and Helen-Alice a simple tattoo artist that plays oboe for the Philharmonic.


“How did you get into modeling,” Kimmie’s date asks as she manages to get her hand stuck in one of the trendy mason jars the bar uses for drinks. Her response? The Russian America’s Top Model, obviously. Marika gets to know her date, Dan, asking “Life story, 30 seconds, do not bore me. Go.” As a botanist, Dan wonders what Marika’s favorite plant is, to which she responds “lettuce.” Helen-Alice seems to hit it off best with her date, Benji, bonding over classic movies that feature NYC, King Kong and Ghostbusters. By the end of the night they’re finishing each other’s sentences.


Kendall and Richard struggle to sell their fantasy to their “favorite client,” Peter.  Once Kendall excuses herself to the bathroom, Peter tries to decide aloud if he’s going to sleep with her. After Richard flippantly asks if Kendall should be included in that decision, Peter accuses him of not knowing how to use his power. He then makes Richard cut and feed him his steak in order for the firm to keep their 30 million dollar account.

After their date, Kimmie tells the guys that they’re leaving the country the next day. The catch? Turns out their dates just happen to live in their same apartment building. The girls have no other choice but to climb the garbage can, scale the fire escape and climb through their window. “I may have popped a boob,” exclaims Kimmie.

The next morning, Kimmie asks about Richard’s night with Peater Caine. “You sold him the fantasy right?” she asks. Richard explains that it didn’t work out like they had planned, and that he ended up having to literally spoon feed the client to get what he wanted. “There’s nothing more rotten than being something you’re not,” Richard explains. Kimmie agrees. “I don’t think you do, because you’re always just Kimmie,” Richard responds.

Kimmie, realizing she should’ve remained true to herself, goes to tell the guys she lied on their profile. “I thought maybe I was too boring to get a date,” Kimmie explains, “and I didn’t want to disappoint my friends. So I just bedazzled our lives.” Instead of forgiving her, the guys are appalled, lay a guilt trip on her and slam the door in her face. Kimmie goes back to the apartment where she finds out that Helen-Alice isn’t speaking to her. The guys end up reconsidering, mostly because they were really psyched to know a botanist and they don’t know any other girls. Marika gives Kimmie props saying, “It takes some pretty big ovaries to come clean with those guys.”

For once in this episode, the big joke is not about Kimmie Boubier’s boobies.