“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.4): Hey There, Sharkbait

You know what looks great with a tux? A baby. Well, that’s at least what Derek thinks, and he uses baby Bailey to play up to the donors. Meredith accuses him of playing dirty, which he totally is. Then he smiles his McDreamy smile and Meredith takes the baby away to feed him. Cristina is getting her master’s in flirting with a wealthy donor. She tossing her head back laughing, touching his hand and batting her eyelashes like a champ. When she sees Owen with the beautiful woman, she interrupts them and shoos her away. Thinking Owen is in it purely for the donation, she recommends an old, rich lady instead. Owen looks back at the young woman and there is a little glimmer in his eye. Callie is now surrounded by sympathetic donors, hanging on every word of her tragic “dead wife” tale. April overhears while stealing some champagne, and gives her the major side eye. A woman who is actually a widow approaches Callie to commiserate in her grief. Oops.


Racist Gene isn’t just racist, he’s also just plain ol’ awful. Bailey charges in, demanding that he not harass the nurses. Racist Gene wants to play chess, but Bailey doesn’t have time for games, literally or figuratively. Racist Gene wants to beat his cancer and asks her, what would Rosa Parks do. That just pushes Bailey right over the edge, so she does the doctor equivalent of breaking up with him. He rages on that he is going to die, something he isn’t ready for, and she better do something about it quick.

April returns to the supply closet and brings some champagne to Arizona. Arizona tells her about the way people look at her now. People have always stared at her for one thing or another, but this time it’s different. People are judging her while they stare, and it’s breaking her heart. It’s like everything about Arizona that is wonderful and kind, has been erased, and all people see is a scarlet letter. She assumes April is judging her too. That’s not April’s style though, and she calls shenanigans. Empathy is a gift that we can give each other, and April is giving hers to Arizona. She accidentally calls Arizona a cheater, which she accepts. Arizona mentions that Callie stared at her too that night, and for a tiny second before reality set in, it felt so damn good. April totally gets it.

*It appears my shipper heart sailed away in the wrong direction, which it is occasionally wont to do. Based on viewer feedback and tweets by one of the writers, it appears Arizona was actually referencing Lauren when she says, “She stared at me too, and the way she stared felt really good.” I think the line could be open to interpretation, but majority view seems to have reached a consensus and I humbly acknowledged that.”


Owen find the beautiful woman, talking up some donors on his behalf. He teases her about stealing his stories, and she admits that she has an alternative motive. Her name is Emma, and she is a doctor at a competing hospital who is doing some homework for their upcoming fundraiser. Owen is confused as to why Emma is helping him then, and she blushes as she says, “Look at you.” Gulp. Meredith returns wearing a very stylish hoodie over her dress, since it’s now covered in baby spit up. She joins Alex and Cristina at the bar, where Cristina is five drinks in and bragging about all the money she’s making for the hospital.

A completely bewildered Callie stands like a deer in headlights as the actual widow donor tells the story of desperately missing her husband. She is spared by an impassioned speech by Jackson about the reason for the gala. Just as his speech gets into high gear, one of the aerialists slips from her silks above the stage and starts to fall. Ari the party planner rushes to help, but is crushed when the performer lands on her. Ari is unconscious, but the performer tries to shake it off. It’s rather tough to walk off a compound fracture however, so Callie goes all ortho on her and sets the leg right there. In all the hubbub, Cristina gets a call from Ross as he’s sticking a needle in a guys heart.


April and Arizona are drunk and it’s kind of beautiful. April talks big about forgiveness, but Arizona isn’t sure if they are talking about Jesus or April’s boyfriend. I had the same question. Leah walks in, answering Arizona’s page. Arizona sends her to fetch more champagne. “And snacks!” April wisely adds. Leah is so over it. Arizona wonders aloud if Callie will ever forgive her, and April lets it spill that Callie’s been telling people that she died. Ever wondered what a needle to the heart feels like? Ask Arizona.


Richard is causing a ruckus in his room by refusing oxygen the nurses are trying to give him. Bailey tells him about Racist Gene, and that even though he’s an asshole with no hope of survival, he keeps fighting. Richard has options, he just refuses to use them. Bailey hands him a spirometer and tells him, either you breathe, or you die. He tosses the machine across the room, and pushes Bailey away. She falls on a chair and hurts her hand.

Cristina and Ross are in the OR working on Heroin Guy’s heart. Cristina reveals that she’s proud of Ross’s bold choices and that he’s a shark just like her. Alex watches them from the observatory. “That’ll do sharky, that’ll do,” Cristina proudly tells Ross.

With her arms full of snacks and booze for Arizona and April, Leah slips back out of the gala. Jo runs into a nervous Jackson as guest start to leave in droves. She lets him know that Stephanie is mad at him for not inviting her to the gala. Girls. They are tough to understand, aren’t they Jackson?