“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.4): Hey There, Sharkbait

Bailey gets called to Racist Gene’s room. He apologizes for being so awful and admits that he’s scared and doesn’t want to be alone. Bailey’s beautiful brain starts to churn. Derek finds Meredith in the middle of surgery, and she declares him winner of their little competition. He quickly changes so he can join her. In the Broom Closet of Booze and Bad Decisions, April asks Arizona if she can try on her leg. They both burst into hysterical laughter. In their own OR, Callie and Owen work on the aerialists leg. Callie admits to lying about Arizona, but Owen doesn’t make her feel too bad about it. He tells her about Cristina pressuring him to go on dates with other women. Guests from the gala start filing into the observation room, as Jackson shows them the real heart of the hospital. Everyone whips out their checkbooks.


Jo walks in on Alex taking his own blood, but for a moment thinks he’s shooting up. That couldn’t be further from the truth.  He’s actually trying to get a DNA sample because he suspects that Heroin Guy is the father that he hasn’t seen in twenty years. Jo reminds Alex that he can talk to her about big, life stuff like this. In another room, Meredith and Derek are getting changed out of their scrubs and into their civvies. Their pent up surgical energy spent, now they are just stuck with their regular old pent up sexual energy. So they totally do it in the on call room.

Bailey wheels Racist Gene into an unsuspecting Richard’s room. Surprise! Here’s your new roomie, Richard. Bailey tells Richard, since they are both dying, perhaps they can help each other pick out burial plots and shit. I love pissed off Bailey.


After a night of emergency room awesomeness, Ross and Stephanie are totally hyped up. Now that Ross is a shark, he goes in for the kill and kisses her, just as Jackson comes through the door. Wow Ross, you are as smooth as chunky peanut butter. Shark, my ass.

The donor that Cristina had been flirting with shows up at the hospital with a big check. You see, big doucebags write big checks. When she accepts it and tries to walk away, he tells her not to be coy. He flat out suggests that he deserves a little something special for his moolah. Where’s a heart needle when you need one. Cristina coolly blows him off because she’s a fucking shark, man.


Stephanie runs to the gala, where Jackson sits alone and pouting like a little boy. She explains that Ross’s kiss was not requited, and he does believe her. He asks her to promise to stop playing games and talk to him about her feelings in the future. She does and they kiss sweetly.

Richard and Racist Gene are actually getting along really well. Racist Gene starts talking about hospice, and all the damn bunny rabbits he’ll see there frolicking on the lawn. Sure, it’s no Hooters, but it’ll do. Something clicks in Richard, that maybe he doesn’t want to waste away after all. He picks up the spirometer and breathes into it. Bailey, you are a genius!

Cristina and Owen run into each other on the way out of the hospital. She’s so proud of herself and feels like celebrating with a few drinks. Just then, Emma walks in, looking for Owen. Cristina sees the big smile creep across Owen’s face, and hides her sadness as she says goodnight and excuses herself.


The results are in on Alex and Heroin Guy’s DNA. Before Alex can even stop her, Jo blurts out that yes, it’s a match. A distraught Alex walks off. A very drunk April and Arizona pour themselves into a cab. Safety first, girls! Leah approaches Arizona’s door and tells her where she can stick it the next time she treats her like her errand girl. She demands respect, dammit. What she gets is a poke on the nose, from a giggly Arizona who tells her she’s adorable. The cabs speeds off with half of Arizona’s gown, hanging out the side of the door.


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