“Chicago Fire” (2.4) recap: Shay walks into a bar

Previously on Chicago Fire, Dawson found out that her run of picking terrible men to date continued with Smarmy Jay who is working for the mob. Otis went on Double Dare and won the third room at the Shayveride house of shagging. Isabella helped Mouch with his campaign for union president and Mills with his campaign to get over Dawson. Casey played Mr. Mom. Herrmann got on his Nimbus 2001 and kept chasing the snitch, and Hadley did his best Katniss and made sure everything was catching fire.

Severide and his dad are sitting around talking about arson. Severide thinks the arson squad is stupid for not keeping closer tabs on Hadley and his dad is more interested in how this is all Boden fault. Shay walks in and brings Severide over to stare at the wonder that is Otis’ Battlestar Galactica poster he has placed in the center of their living room. Severide chuckles because there could be actual Lord of the Rings characters wandering around, having brunch with Spock and playing Dungeons & Dragons with a freaking dalek and it wouldn’t hurt his game. Shay’s not so sure since her romantic luck has been worse than Dawson’s. Otis bops in like a kid on Christmas (where the gifts are hot lesbians and sloppy seconds) and Shay knows, this guy is going to cockblock whatever mojo she has left.

CF 2041

Smarmy Jay shows up looking for Dawson and Herrmann is on him like a tiny little, yapping bulldog. Herrmann gets on a step ladder so he can look Jay in the eye and tells him to get lost. Jay’s a smug bastard but he leaves. Dawson and Casey are hanging out at the park with the Darden boys. Griffin is trying out his triple flipping backflip off the monkey bars and Casey tells him to knock it off. Dawson tells Casey he’s going to be a great dad, he’s a real natural for yelling at kids. Jay tries to call Dawson but she ignores him. Casey offers to help educate this dumbass about how to leave a lady alone but Dawson declines. Apparently, Casey doesn’t recall the way Dawson ejected a frat boy from the back of her rig. She’s not exactly the damsel in distress type.

CF 2042

Boden needs volunteers to be the new wellness reps for the house. Shay is throwing spitballs and writing notes to Dawson, so the Chief picks her to be one of the reps along with Mills.  Shay’s going to be checking out everyone’s physical condition? I volunteer as tribute! Dawson is similarly supportive.

CF 2043

Dawson and Shay get called out to check on a frequent flier, a guy who likes the company. Dawson tells the Chief it’s a nuisance call but they must go anyway. They show up to find Darryl in need of a snack and a glucose shot. He flirts with Shay and Dawson tries to shut him down by explaining that he can’t just call when he’s lonely. He starts talking about how much he loves Shay (get in line, buddy) and how he can’t live without her. It’s all fun and games until he pulls a gun. Dawson tells him to drop it, and Shay tries to talk him down more gently. She offers to run away to Vegas with him if he’ll just give her the gun. She creeps closer, in spite of Dawson yelling at her, and the guy shoots himself. Both Shay and Dawson wear shocked expressions and a good dose of the guy’s blood on their faces.

CF 2044

Back at the firehouse Shay and Dawson tell the guys they’re “fine.” Guys, some of you are married so you should know when a woman tells you she’s “fine” it means she’s teetering on the brink. Shay and Dawson head inside while the guys talk about Mouch’s campaign and shun Clarke by going all Mean Girls and refusing to sit at his lunch table.

In the bathroom, Shay and Dawson are washing up. Ladies, may I remind you that there are showers nearby? There’s no need to confine yourselves to the sinks. Shay asks Dawson if she heard anything wrong with the ambulance. She thinks she heard something and it might just blow up at any time and she sure would hate to have a flashback problem with it during a call. Dawson offers to wash Shay’s shirt with hers, which sounds like an invitation to naked cuddle time to me, but Shay says no. Dawson leaves and Shay finds grey matter on her belt buckle. There’s not enough soap in the great Chicago metro area to get rid of that. Kelly walks in just as Shay is contemplating lathering her entire body in hand soap. She insists she’s fine, who hasn’t had a little bit of someone’s brain in their pants? I’m not a shrink but I’m pretty sure she should get checked out so she doesn’t breakdown on her next call either.

CF 2045

Dawson is laundering her blood soaked clothes when Casey walks in, ready to be Mr. Fix-it. He offers to have his sister watch the Darden boys after work but Dawson stops him. She needs a little dose of normal in her day.