Morning Brew – Carmen Electra would marry a woman

Good morning and Happy Spirit Day! Are you wearing purple?

Jessica Clark spoke with SoSoGay about posing for Maxim and other men’s magazines:

I get nervous about there being a negative reaction in the lesbian community… me posing in men’s magazines could be seen as inappropriate or anti-feminist. I’ve definitely thought about that. It’s a difficult line to tread, in terms of being a feminist and very much identifying as that. I don’t think you can try to please everyone all the time so I just try to make choices on my comfort level. That applies across the board, whether I’m doing it with awareness or consciousness about my choices for accepting these roles where there is nudity. Because I am a very feminine-appearing lesbian – there’s always been talk of “She’s going to go back to men eventually” or “She’s pretending to be gay.” Ultimately, I’m an actress so I want to choose and continue to play different people and personalities and characters, and don’t want to get hung up on whether that stereotypes me. I want to feel free to act, so I transfer or extend that to my appearances in men’s magazines.

I think many lesbians appreciate those photos, Jessica.

Chloe Grace Moretz talked with Pride Source about working with Kimberly Peirce on Carrie:

Working with Kim is something that’s always been a dream for me. She’s an absolutely brilliant director and she taught me so much as an actor, especially not being scared to jump into things. Also, she shared a lot of her personal experiences with me. Because Kim is a lesbian, I saw a whole other side of what she went through (being gay) in a different time period. It was interesting to see the different takes on it, me being a young straight kid who’s never had to deal with that. I’ve dealt with bullying in different aspects, but my friends who are lesbians – and gay people in general – have dealt with another level of bullying.

"Carrie" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

And on if Carrie is queer because Kimberly is:

Yeah, honestly, I think what I found interesting is, with her take on it she didn’t exploit female characters. I feel like in a lot of movies, especially horror movies, women tend to become sexually exploited. I think working with a female director – one that is a lesbian – she definitely respects women more. I found that enlightening in a way, and refreshing compared to a lot of male directors who just want, you know, sex in their movies because they think that’s what hits the teen community.

The Good Wife co-creator Robert King explains the decision to cut Kalinda’s new love interest from this season.

“We didn’t have the time in the episode to build up the chemistry [between the pair], so we put a pause on [the storyline]. We just didn’t want to make a mistake again. We’re putting a pause on it — it’s not going away. Whatever news reports that say it’s going away it’s not at all.”

So we just won’t be expecting it anytime soon.

The Feminist Wire celebrates J. Bob Alotta, Executive Director at the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice as part of their series “Feminists We Love.”

Why are bisexuals treated so poorly? A PhD has a theory

AWOL looks like it’s going to be a great film with a lesbian couple at its center. Check out their Indiegogo campaign.

Queer artist Lisa Congdon got ripped off by a wholesale company called Cody Foster. Buy the originals, not the replicas!

Carmen Electra went on Bethenny this week and answered if she’d legally marry a woman. The answer? Yes, and she wants you to hit her up, ladies.

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Amber Tamblyn shared a bit from tonight’s script of Two and a Half Men, affectionally titled “Clank, Clank, Drunken Skank.”


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