“Super Fun Night” (1.3) recap: A Halloween Miracle

Super Fun Night tackles the age-old issue of Halloween pranks a week early this year, kicking off the episode with a flashback to Kimmie’s tumultuous time as a trick or treating aged youth. Specifically, the time she dressed up as a mailbox and hoarded all of the candy. Aside from that, Halloween is her favorite time of year, immediately following her love of Bread and Cheese Appreciation Night. She goes on to explain that she and her friends, Helen-Alice and Marika, usually stay in on Halloween but under her new policy of “getting out there,” she’s going to the office party. She then stands to answer the phone, explaining that sometimes the pizza place calls to make sure it’s not a fake call because of the size of the order. She stands to reveal her form fitting mermaid costume, meant to catch the attention of Richard, and struggles to move around the room. One, two, three jokes about her weight! Time to queue the theme song!

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Marika questions whether or not Kimmie was able to procure a plus-two to her office party so they could remain a group on their super fun night. Unable to do so, the ladies are confused as to how they can do it separately. Kimmie explains that sometimes the Timberlake of the group has to go out and do her own thing. To which Helen-Alice counters with, “That puts the Joey Fatone and Lance Bass of the group at a serious disadvantage.” “Wait! Am I the Lance Bass in this situation?” Exclaims Marika. And thus starts the gayest episode of Super Fun Night ever. As the gay jokes kept a’coming, I got more and more excited about the possibility of a coming out episode.

In the office, Richard notices that Kendall seems in good spirits as opposed to her usual scary, evil-doing self. She explains, “I’m trying to cultivate my softer side, sometimes being a hardass all day is humanly impossible.” Richard then makes his way to Kimmie’s office and asks about her aptitude for picking out Halloween costumes. “Last year, my friends and I had the best costumes, ever” she explains, bringing on a flashback of when Kimmie was Dr. Lecter, Marika was Clarice Starling and Helen-Alice was a silent lamb. (I MEAN, Jodie Foster? COME ON.) Back in reality, Richard and Kimmie make a date to go to the costume shop after work.

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We then see Marika and Helen-Alice deciding on costumes. “Well I think I’m going as a stripper,” Marika decides, “but not a sexy stripper, just a guy who scrapes old varnish off of furniture. Now that’s a costume.” Sure it is, Marika. Not gay at all. Just then, their new gentleman friends from 11A knock on the door to invite them to their Annual Monster Mash Bash on Friday night, to which the two remaining friends without plans agree to with hesitation. “Going to a party without our queen bee has never been done,” says Helen. “Wait, Lance Bass is crushing it without JT,” Marika offers. “I say we go for it!” And just like that, their minds are made up.

At the costume shop, Richard and Kimmie sort through sexy costumes while Kimmie explains the history of trick or treating (namely trick) to Richard. Flashback to a time when Kimmie jumped out of the shower to scare Marika, only to get punched in the face. “Sorry Kimmie,” says Marika. “Rocky and Apollo have a mind of their own.” She is of course referring to her fists. (THE GAY REVEAL IS SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT.)

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Richard then pulls Kimmie over to the sexy vampire costumes and confesses that lady vampires were the first women to have triggered his adolescent urges. “Not so much a biting and sleeping in coffins thing, more of a skin tight black dress juxtaposed against alabaster cleavage,” he explains. They happen on a plug and socket costume to which Kimmie explains the idea of “couples costumes.” They decide on it.

Fast forward to Kimmie sitting at the dining room table, asking her friends if, because of their “couples costume,”the Friday night office party outing with Richard is actually a date. Marika, who’s been binge watching Law and Order: SVU and is finding it hard to shake Mariska, interrogates Kimmie, coming to the conclusion that it is in fact a date. Or, as Kimmie calls it, A Halloween Miracle.

On Friday night, Marika and Helen-Alice realize that they decided on the same costume, both dressing up as bumblebees. Richard shows up dressed as a magnet to which Marika accuses, “I told you to stop trying to attract me.” Kimmie makes her way out to reveal that she’s dressed as the former part of their couples costume, chick-magnet. The bumblebees give her a pep talk, encouraging her to finally come clean with her feelings about Richard at the party. Marika claims to have set up “the pyro” in her office and they remind her that she has nothing to lose. Worst case scenario, she can go back to hanging out with them, the ladies, as nature intended. Helen-Alice reveals her vision board, a Photoshopped picture of  her marrying Richard, and she is on her way.

The bumblebees make their way down to their gentleman caller’s apartment, and decide on a safeword before entering the party. Upon entering, the guys attempt to trick the ladies, to which an unphased Marika manages to punch out Benji. “People gotta stop doing this to me,” she exclaims as her and Helen-Alice storm out.

At the party, a friend takes a photo of Richard and Kimmie together to prove he has straight friends. Kimmie asks for the photo to be sent to her as Kendall makes her entrance, doing a choreographed dance in her sexy robot costume. Richard seems intrigued.

The bumblebees make their way back to the guys’ apartment to tell them it was too much, too soon. The guys try to coax them back in to the party with the promise of Spin the Zombie, but their minds seem made up. Just then, they see blood coming out of the elevator, “like in the shining.” They guys call their bluff, right before a man comes out of the elevator with a chainsaw and cuts off Helen-Alice’s hand. The guys freak out, and the girls are finally able to “counter prank” their neighbors. Cal, the chainsaw-wielding gentleman,  says good night and Marika explains that he is in their fantasy football league. (IT’S ALMOST TIME!)

Kimmie and Richard are next seen around the chocolate fountain, Kimmie covered in chocolate. Richard pretends to die from a peanut allergy, clearly not understanding the real meaning of trick. Kimmie then invites him to her office for a surprise, but not before he sweetly wipes the chocolate off her face. On his way to her office, Kendall’s “robocups” come undone and while Richard helps her reattach them, she proposes a secret office romance to him. They make out, and Richards heads to Kimmie’s office.

“Sorry Kimmie, slight detour,” Richard explains has he enters her office where he finds Kimmie dressed as a sexy vampire, inviting him to her coffin for two. When he seems uncomfortable about the prospect of Kimmie admitting feelings for him, she plays it off as a prank. She then notices he has silver paint on his face, and puts together that he’s made out with Kendall as Kendall runs into the room to invite them back out to the party. After Richard and Kendall leave, Kimmie leans back in defeat to trigger the fire works Marika had set up in the office. They, in turn, trigger the sprinklers and Kimmie becomes drenched.

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Back at the apartment, the lady-bees try and cheer her up, reminding her that Kendall isn’t that great and that she’s not alone, she always has her friends. “Kendall’s like an earthworm,” Marika offers. “Sure, you want to poke it for awhile, but eventually you’ll just get bored.” Kimmie leads them to believe that she was at least honest with Richard, instead of playing her feelings off as a joke. Helen offers to make waffles, but Kimmie explains that she’s already ordered pizza and can’t cancel because she doesn’t want to ruin that relationship too. She encourages them to go back to Benji’s party, because she needs more alone time. She gets comfortable on the couch to watch TV.

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The resulting “Monster Mash” music video, performed by the cast, is the most epically arranged scene of the series thus far. Super fun!