Tig Notaro on making the heavy stuff silly

After noting the obvious dearth of lesbians on PBS’s Makers in my review for AfterEllen, the series’s creators threw me and my lesbian sisters a big bone by recently featuring Tig Notaro.

“Good One.”

Makers, to remind you, “is the first comprehensive documentary about how women have transformed the political and cultural landscape of America.” In the sequence of five—yes, five!—videos, Tig discusses her famous set at Largo, soon thereafter recorded as her second album, Live, as well as her childhood and her career.

Tig fans will be delighted to add this sequence to their Virtual Tig Collection. Also worth listening to, if doing so won’t break your hearts, is Tig’s interview at The Nerdist in which she talks about her girlfriend and how happy she is and how she pictures a future with said person (who is rumored to be Missi Pyle) and blah blah [insert jealousy here].

Watch the rest of videos from Tig’s Makers appearance HERE.