“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.5): Dirty Pillows

Alarms are going off left and right as the The Mer/Der Baby Emporium, and no one is happy about it, expect maybe the babies. The morning is in full swing, each child being bathed,fed, and loved before their parents head off to a long day at the hospital. Callie is up and at ‘em, making coffee, baking her own granola or something cool like that. As Meredith rushes out, she kisses Derek as usual and for an extra treat, does the same for Callie. It’s a little awkward, and secretly a little awesome, but that’s just a day in the life for Callie, Meredith and Derek.


Alex’s dad, Jimmy, is doing much better after his brush with death. He flirts with Jo, and she lets him because she’s trying to get to know him, even if Alex won’t do the same. Alex is lingering out in the hall, too broken to try and reconnect with a man who mistreated him and his brothers. The last time Alex laid eyes on his father, Alex nearly beat him to death. He’s effectively erased this man from his life for 20 years, so much so that he even took his mother’s last name. This isn’t some sort of reunion to Alex. For him, it’s a rematch he’s not willing to participate in.

Cristina gets word that a donor has come through for a liver/heart transplant for a patient, and everyone wants in on the surgery. However, Meredith has dibs because the recipient is an old patient of hers, and she actually diagnosed her to begin with. Cristina agrees, much to Bailey’s disappointment. You know Bailey loves a good transplant.

Best friends forever, Arizona and April are chatting by the nurse’s station when Leah sashays over. She’s got a Pumpkin Spice Soy Latte with Arizona’s name on it, and Arizona is beyond confused. Leah gives Arizona the doe eyes before she takes off, and Arizona gets “drunken hookup panic” face. Having been on the receiving end of many a doe-eyed gaze, Arizona thinks that she may have invited Leah home with her the night of the gala. April is no help because she woke up in the bathtub, still be’Spanx-ed. Gurl, I have been there. A few times.

Callie stops by to pick up the mortgage slips on their apartment, which Arizona hands over. Maybe it’s the pumpkin sugar rush, or the caffeine, but Arizona opens her mouth and decides to push one of Callie’s “Do Not Fucking Push” buttons. She tells Callie that she’s welcome, after not receiving a thank you. Callie’s eyes flash and she lashes out at Arizona. She doesn’t think it’s particularly awesome to be paying for a house that she doesn’t even live in anymore, because her wife is a cheating, cheat-faced, cheater. Next time AZ, have Leah bring you a decaf.


In the on call room, Stephanie is modeling her oh-so-conservative new blouse for Jackson. She’s having dinner with him and his mother Catherine tonight, and she wants to make the absolute best impression. (Which means this will end in disaster and tears.) Jackson, on the other hand, just wants to make out.

Callie runs into Owen in the break room, and steals a hunk of his snack. Emma made him some banana bread, but he tells Callie not to read into it. She’s no fool though. Baked goods are the step between casual dating and serious boning. Callie tells him about her sister wife Meredith Grey and their life of casual kitchen intimacy. He makes that face he always makes, which could be arousal, frustration or back pain.


Callie has to leave her banana bread behind when she gets a page for an ortho consult. A young daredevil of a woman is waiting, with all sorts of broken bones and lacerations. She’s even broken a metal rod in her leg. Her understandably frustrated sister is there, and explains that these injuries are frequent occurrences.

Richard is finally able to get out of bed, and move about, but Catherine is afraid that he’s not progressing enough. She’s worried about his depression and asks Bailey if he’s on any medication for it. Bailey explains that she tried, but Richard refuses. Catherine wants to help her man, she goes to the on-call room to pick up some extra pillows and boy does she find some. Unfortunately, those pillows belong to Stephanie who is half naked, in bed with Jackson. This is not exactly the impression that Stephanie wanted to make on her boyfriend’s mother, who goes from zero to slut-shaming maestro in under ten seconds.


Meredith, Cristina and Ross go in to consult the heart/liver transplant patient. The patient and Meredith talk like old friends. She and her husband hope that this transplant will give her a chance at a normal life, so maybe they can have children one day. Ross sticks his foot in his mouth, and downgrades Meredith’s skills in front of everyone. Not cool Ross. Remember Brooks? We do.

After recovering from the initial mortification of having her boyfriend’s mother catch her with her boobs out, Stephanie attends to a gentleman with a bit of a sticky situation. See, he was “eating a honey sandwich” in a hammock, like a regular Winnie the Pooh, when he fell asleep and his junk was besieged by bees. Or maybe hornets. Anyway, it’s a mess down there and he can’t pee.