Our favorite tweets from “Pretty Little Liars”/”Ravenswood” crossover episodes

The Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special is always such a tease. One hour with the four glorious visages of Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna, is hardly enough to tide us over until January. As usual, costume designed Mandi Line outdid herself with the early 20th century/steampunk aesthetic. (More like BoobsRadleyVanCullen, amiright?) The two-hour PLL/Ravenswood crossover brought us new characters, a big reveal, and more questions than we had to begin with. I’m not the only one that hoped Paige McCullers would pop out of the bushes to change Spencer’s flat tire, am I? I’d have settled for an appearance from Boo himself. The episode also brought us a new hashtag and you all really brought the funny with your tweets last night. Here are some of our favorite #BooRadleyVanCullen and #ThatsSoRavenswood from “Grave New World” and the pilot episode of Ravenswood.