“Chicago Fire” (2.5) recap: Last the night

In the lounge, Otis is talking up the party to Cruz who seems worried his mixtape mistress will be there Severide. Mouch unveils his campaign poster and Casey steals Isabella to talk to her about what she might be able to do to get Heather moved to a minimum security prison so she can see her kids more.

Shay is taking Clarke’s blood. He has to remind her that she already took his blood pressure, but before he can say more they are called out to one of the grosser calls we’ve seen. It’s a guy with his leg caught in a rototiller. While the boys take the machine apart to get the guy’s leg out, Dawson and Shay jockey over who is going to do what to treat him. While they bicker over who gets to be on top, Mills runs around searching for the guy’s toes.

Back at the house Mills is taking Boden’s blood pressure and the Chief is giving Mills his going away pep talk. “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it,” he says and Mills looks at him like the Chief has lost it.

CF 2056

Back in the ambulance, Shay is driving along, sipping her soda, when Dawson asks if they can clear the air. Shay shoots back that there’s nothing to clear she’s totally over it. She’s absolutely not having flashbacks in which she sees Darryl’s face and hears the gun go off every time she closes her eyes. Every call isn’t terrifying because she’s worried that she’s going to be triggered, that she’s going to see those last seconds when Darryl pointed the gun at his head and squeezed. No, she’s totally fine. A chick driving a convertible cuts them off and Shay chases her down and throws her drink all over her. Yes, totally over it.

CF 2057

Shay and Dawson park the rig and Dawson stomps off while Shay heads to the closet to hang up her coat. Clarke follows her in and starts talking. She resists listening to him but agrees to give him a minute. He tells her about a friend, Gil, who was a lot like her. Funny, goofy, always cracking jokes. When they came back from the war Gil’s mom asked Clarke to look after her son. He tried but one day got a text and raced to Gil’s house and was too late. He knows what Shay saw when Darryl shot himself. He tells her that it’s easy to burn herself out worrying about it, carrying that weight around. Shay’s face shifts as he talks and you can see the hurt in her face and in the way she slumps as he walks out. It’s a quiet scene. Clarke nails his application to be Shay’s lezbro. You can stay, dude.

CF 2058

Spellman finds two more transfer applications taped to his locker. After confronting Mills, Spellman storms out. Mouch presents him with another form and asks him to leave. Everyone else hands him one too. It’s like the opposite of the scene in Rudy when all the players ask to give up their spots so Rudy can play. Spellman appeals to Casey and Severide to lead their men, but they just hold up forms too.

CF 2059

Spellman storms in and tries to threaten Boden but Boden just hands him another form. Cool as the other side of the pillow, the Chief says, “Say hi to McLeod for me.” Boden is badass, y’all.