“Super Fun Night” (1.4) recap: Ratchet

After last week’s acca-awkwardness with Kimmie and Richard, this week’s episode of Super Fun Night had our heroine hiding out from her crush/boss. Unfortunately her mom came to visit the office, and immediately began singing showtunes in the hallway. (I thought only my mom did that!)

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Kimmie is, of course, embarrassed immediately. Her mom is the type that thinks telling Kimmie “You’re looking a little Chaz Bono-y” is a helpful statement to make, meaning she is the complete opposite of helpful. “He’s cute! British, handsome and small enough to control,” Mom says. When Kimmie tells her to STFU, Mom’s like, “Kimmie, if I had  taken that attitude when I was your age, I never would have gotten to shag Mandy Patinkin. An intense lover, but such a sweaty man.” I knew it!

Thank God I’m gay and married because the pressure Kimmie’s mom puts on her to find a man is ridiculous. She doesn’t care that Kimmie is a lawyer with a huge office. Nope, she needs a MAN! Oh, and Mom is going to stay with Kimmie instead of a hotel. She also sleeps in the nude to “air out the peach pit,” which makes me a little sad for Mandy Patinkin.

Meanwhile, Richard and Kendall are sleeping together, which I don’t like at all and I wish was not happening. Richard seems to be pulling away, though, and doesn’t want to keep stuff at Kendall’s house.

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Kimmie’s mom has a glass of wine in her hand and stands while addressing Marika and Helen-Alice to tell them they will be seated next to Jasmine’s BFFs Heidi and Hailey at the bikini party. “I don’t think they like us,” Helen-Alice says and it’s a flashback to a time when the two H’s were advocating for the racist model on Big Brother, the one who made anti-Asian comments, among other things. Helen-Alice is Filipino. Idiots!

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Ignoring their obvious discomfort, Kimmie’s mom reminisces about playing Nancy in a production of Oliver off-Broadway near by and begins to sing “As Long as He Needs Me” with a horrific Cockney accent. Which reminds her: She invited Richard to Kimmie’s sister Jasmine’s engagement party which has a “bikini” theme. Kimmie tries to explain why this is terrible and her mom says “We need to get you a new bathing suit. You can’t keep wearing grandma’s forever.”

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The next day, Mom is back in the office to tell Richard not to come to the party. (Why would he want to come anyway? I mean, really.) Then she goes with Kimmie to find a new bathing suit and touches her boobs a lot before telling her the are doing a “number” (ugh) and that she told Richard not to come because it would be awkward (ugh ugh). After she calls Kimmie’s vag her “secret garden,” Kimmie is like “Oh hell no!” and tells her mom to stay out of her life. And her secret garden, too!

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Back at work, Kimmie goes to talk to Richard for the first time in a week. She’s all “I’m not awkward around you” and then does a totally awkward dance move to prove it. “You look remarkably relaxed,” Richard says. “So why did she uninvite me?” And then Kimmie lies: “There is no party. Because my sister’s fiancee was cheating on her.” Obviously this is going to come back to bite her in the ass.

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Helen-Alice and Marika are at lunch when Helen-Alice delivers some good news: She knows how they can avoid their own awkwardness with Heidi and Haley at the party. All they need to do is brush up on celebrity gossip by reading US Weekly and learn the latest lingo on flashcards. First word: Ratchet.

“Let’s see—adjective. A girl deriving from an urban city who believes she is all that, but is in fact, not. Use: ‘Look at that lady blasting Nicki Minaj from her busted phone. She is so ratchet.'”

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In Richard’s office, where he never ever seems to be working, Kendall comes in to say she likes him and wants him to stay over, but immediately apologizes for being needy and asking for things from a guy. I still hate them together.

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Jasmine greets Kimmie at work wearing some kind of bizarre purple and orange sequined turtleneck and jacket combo. “My bikini for the party is so tiny that when I took it off, I couldn’t find it!” she says. And they run straight into Richard at the elevator. Jasmine loves his British accent (“It’s so Hermione!”) and asks if he’s ever met any of the Royal family. (The answer is no.) He tells her he’s sorry about her split from her fiancee, which Kimmie tries to deflect but that’s kind of hard to not hear. Jasmine freaks the fuck out. COMMERCIAL BREAK!

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Kimmie has clearly explained to Jasmine she lied to Richard. “Do you realize I could have lost the DJ of my dreams?” Jasmine asked. Kimmie gives her a bracelet to apologize but Jasmine wants Kimmie to fix shit with her mom. “This party is about me, alright? And just to be clear, all the time between the engagement party and the wedding is about me.”

At the party, it’s highly noticeable that most people are not wearing bikinis. Even Mom is in a one-piece. Marika is wearing a men’s Hawaiian shirt. (Duh.) She tries to engage Jasmine’s vapid friends in celebrity gossip, and it works.

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Kimmie and her mom have a heart-to-heart while drinking from plastic cups shaped like pineapples. “I’m going Kimmie, and you’ll never see me again,” Mom says. “Unless you come over to the Waikiki buffet, because that’s where I’ll be.”

Richard is not at the party. Instead, he’s sitting on the steps outside of Kendall’s place (worst). He has his pillow with him. “I can’t sleep without it,” he says before launching into a story about bringing it to boarding school with him. Then he says he likes how cold of a person Kendall is, which is even more disappointing.

Back to Jasmine’s party. The bride-to-be is like “Mom, Kimmie—you are the same person. Get it together.” Then she makes out with her fiance in public. Marika and Helen-Alice part ways with their table guests. They were totally successful and even use words like “trill” in convo about baby daddies.

Kimmie’s mom tells her to keep her mind open about guys because they sometimes need to test drive cars before they settle down with a sensible choice. I am pretty sure that was supposed to be some kind of compliment. Kimmie doesn’t seem to mind the sentiment and they take the stage for a hula performance with Jasmine while some guy in the audience excitedly screams, “Yeah!”


Additional thoughts on this episode and season so far: Rebel Wilson‘s American accent has improved greatly since the pilot. The jokes about her weight have continued but were not as prevalent in “Engagement.” (Thankfully!) I’m sill waiting on more development of Marika and Helen-Alice, but it looks like we might be getting that next week when they meet their Xena-esque idol Murna Princess Warrior (played by Brookie Shields). I did not miss the neighbor geeks this week and could definitely do with less Richard/Kendall.

Are you still watching Super Fun Night?