“Degrassi” (13B.2-13B.3) recap “You Got Me” & “You Oughta Know”

In preparation for tonight”s episode, here’s a recap of the queer storylines over the past two weeks. The last two episodes of Degrassi continued to focus on the aftermath of Adam’s death as each of his friends and family members grieve his loss in their own way.

When “You Got Me” begins, it’s just a few days before the Beach Blast Dance and Drew, who has run out of his precious sleeping pills, is struggling to get it all together in time.  He’s so stressed and sleep deprived that when Zoe confronts him about all the sweet nothings he’s been whispering in her ear the past week and the promise he made to take her to the dance, he blows her off, blaming his actions on the pills. When Zoe confesses that she’s already told the haters in her class (read: Maya and Miles) that they’re together, he doesn’t have much sympathy for her and advises that she simply tell them they’re not. But Zoe isn’t going to give up so easily. Determined to convince Drew to take her to the dance, Zoe scores some of his sleeping pills from Zig and uses them to bribe Drew into being her date for the evening. Desperate for sleep, Drew agrees.


The night of the dance Drew is working on the playlist. He dismisses song after song until he comes across Adam’s work out mix. Along with a list of tracks is a picture of Adam. Drew stares at his brother while an upbeat pop song plays—and then he reaches for the sleeping pills.

drew with pills

Zoe shows up at Drew’s place hours later furious that Drew forgot to pick her up for the dance. She drags a drugged up Drew to the dance to show up Maya and Miles, but is horrified when Drew begins to hallucinate that she is Clare. The figment of Clare tells Drew that Adam would’ve loved the dance. Clare whispers Adam’s name in Drew’s ear over and over and over, eventually causing Drew to run away screaming. Drew comes across a back drop of an ocean and believing, in his altered state, that it is real, he strips down to his boxers and tries to jump in the water.  He lands in the kiddie pool, and the water wakes him up from his sleepwalking daze.


Drew runs out of the gym, embarrassed. Most people just laugh, thinking he is goofing off.  But Clare is concerned. Moments later, she finds Drew asleep on a couch in the student council office. When she covers him with a blanket he wakes and Clare tells Drew that she is worried about him. Then, in an unexpectedly moving performance, Drew bursts into tears and confesses that he is tired of missing Adam.

drew and clare

“He was my rock. My moral compass.” Drew says.  “Without him, I’m totally lost.”

Clare says, “We all are. I think about him everyday.”

“What do we do without him?” Drew wants to know.

There’s a beat while Clare considers the question.  Then, she offers to come back to student council, which she had quit because of the fight she and Drew had over the dance.

“You don’t have to. I was terrible, ” Drew confesses.

Clare responds, “Adam would want me to watch over you.”

Drew nods and admits that he could “handle that”, which of course, means he would welcome it.

Clare continues, “Then when you are ready, only when you are ready, we’ll do something in his memory.”

“I’d like that.” Drew says.