“Degrassi” (13B.2-13B.3) recap “You Got Me” & “You Oughta Know”

Drew isn’t the only one who is struggling to move on after Adam’s death. Imogen is also harboring some guilt over her behavior right before Adam’s fatal car crash.  In episode 13B.3, “You Oughta Know” Imogen approaches Drew about forming a news show at Degrassi.  Drew easily approves DTV, since, because of a media grant the school received, it won’t cost student council any money.  However, he is concerned about Imogen writing, producing, directing and anchoring the news show all by herself. It doesn’t take him long to convince Imogene to find someone else to be on camera and together they hold auditions.

imogen hugs drew

After a slew of uninspiring candidates—including Winston, who goes on a tirade about potato chips unfairly dominating the snack world—Imogen is concerned that she’ll never find anyone suitable to be the face of DTV.  Then, Becky enters.

becky and imogen

Imogen is visibly uncomfortable in Becky’s presence and rushes Becky’s audition along, although it’s actually pretty darn good. The topic of Becky’s  news story? Texting and driving.  Although Drew looks a tad disturbed during Becky’s piece, after Imogen dismisses Becky with  “we’ll be in touch”,  Drew wonders why Imogen isn’t more excited about Becky’s performance.

“What’s the matter with you?  She killed that.”

Imogen replies, “She’s too perky.”

Drew asks, “This is about what happened between you and Adam, is it?”

“No!” Imogen insists. “I just don’t think she’s the right fit.”

Later that day, Imogene is approaches Becky and tells her that she can’t be DTV’s anchor. When Becky asks who Imogene has picked, Imogene is at a loss for words. She picks the next person she sees: Winston.

Becky says, “Um, if this have anything to do with what happened last summer—”

“No!” Imogen interrupts. “I’m just trying to do what’s best for the project.”

Becky says she understands, but later that day she approaches Imogen with a proposal. After Winston gives an awkward and unscripted interview with Drew, Becky asks if there is anything else she can do to help out with the television show behind the scenes. After an encouraging nod from Drew, Imogen relents.

winston interview

“I’m sure we can find something,” she says.

So it looks like Imogen and Becky will be working closely together after all. In the promo for tonight’s episode shows Imogen asking Drew how she’s supposed to look Becky in the eye when she knows she kissed Becky’s dead boyfriend. Yet, somehow I get the feeling that the tension between Imogen and Becky is not just about what happened in the past, but what could happen in the future. Could Becky and Imogen become an item this season? What do you think?