“Venice: The Series” recap (4.12) – “I Hate Weddings”

The final episode of the season opens up to a beautiful day. Wedding guests are milling about and Jake is drinking all the wine. He’s going from guest to guest, assuring them that both brides are in the building. Considering most wedding guests naturally assume that the people getting married, are indeed somewhere in the vicinity, I imagine this must have come across as a bit alarming. Alan senses Jake’s rattled nerves, but Jake assures him that he is more than fine. Before he can go into a never-ending soliloquy about crushing Gina’s spirit, Katherine saunters by and interrupts them.

Lara, lets just say, is not having the most ideal wedding day. The stress of the lies and Ani’s near reversal, are pressing down on her. She spies a glass of wine and cannot stop herself from bringing it to her lips. Natasha comes in with a Curve magazine, and they bond over high heels. Lara talks with Natasha about being a high femme, and it would be a really sweet conversation about femme identity if the day wasn’t so fraught with stress and anxiety. Lara, in a moment of casual defiance, asks Natasha to grab her another glass of wine, but thinks better of it. She instead steers the conversation to Ani. Natasha thought she was right behind her, but she must have gotten lost somewhere on the way. Perhaps the Harry Potter door under the stairs? That’s where I always check first. Natasha sets off to fetch the other bride to be.


Ani isn’t lost, in the literal sense of the word at least. She stands on the staircase, looking down on a hopeful Gina. Gina begs her for five minutes, and Ani reminds her that this is a hell of a time to process. Ani has finally convinced herself that Gina is no good for her, and now here she is, heart in hand. Gina puts it all out into the universe. “I love you. I miss you. I want you. I need you,” she says. Gina finally utters everything that Ani has wanted to hear for so long, and does it with complete abandon. Gina admits that she’s been so scared of all those feelings that she’s managed to sabotage their relationship at every turn. “Please give us a chance,” she implores.


Back in the pre-reception, Logan is getting her flirt on with Katherine. Logan, you sly fox you. Katherine’s phone rings and she has to excuse herself. While she’s indisposed, Alan cozies up to Logan to discuss their nefarious plan. (A plan that I find confusing since no one has done anything about it, for all the evil laughing and plotting.) Katherine comes back, and she’s been given a bit of news. Something she is playing close to the vest at the moment.

There’s a haze of sage smoke in the air, and behind it, a frustrated Guya. Suddenly, Owen pops up, much to her delight. She cheers and her teases her that it took her long enough to get her medium on. He admits that he wanted Gina to stay with him, but had to let her go. He tells Guya that soon, she will need Gina more than he does. Oh ghost Owen, why must you be so vague and cryptic!?


Jamie is running around the pre-reception, but he has a bad feeling about this damn wedding. He has always been Team Gina, and feels that Ani has been talked into this wedding. His boyfriend makes Jamie promise him that he won’t marry him unless he’s absolutely sure. Jamie smiles and they share a sweet kiss.

Ani is not accepting Gina’s words of love and devotion very easily. She asks Gina if toying with her is fun, and questions her motives. Gina takes Ani’s verbal jabs as if they were feather soft kisses. She’s willing to fight and fall and fail for Ani. She alludes to the letter, but never directly addresses it. Gina asks Ani to walk away from all of this and be with her, and promises she won’t face the fallout alone. Ani is torn, and gets up to leave but Gina stops her. She asks Ani to at least look her in the face when she gives Gina her answer. Ani pauses, then steps into Gina’s arms and kisses her passionately.


The guests are getting restless, and Alan and Logan are getting punchy. “I hate weddings!” Alan declares. Oh hush now, and have another mimosa.  Jake gets a frantic text from Lara that simply says, “Help!!!!!!!” He runs off to see her.  Meanwhile, Gina and Ani are six minutes into their seven minutes in heaven, when Lara comes down the stairs and sees them.


Back at The Colonel’s place, Sarah tells Stella and her grandfather about her conversation with Gina. They just can’t believe that someone made Gina come to her senses. The Colonel still has reservations about Ani, but knows that Gina loves her. N.P.R. Richard joins the party, and is a real proud papa when he hears about Sarah’s sway with her mom. They all decide to drink, but wait! They change their minds and decide to be backup to Gina and The Great Wedding Crash of 2013. Stella calls Guya and they are off.