“The Good Wife” (5.5) recap: Hitting the fan—and smashing it to bits

Will accompanies Alicia and the security guards to the elevator. Alicia says she never meant this personally. As the doors close over his face, Will responds, “I don’t give a damn.” Alone in the elevator, she crumples.

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Will snags Kalinda, who has just arrived and has made a quick assessment of the situation. He tells her to get all the dirt she can. He also seems surprised that Alicia hadn’t filled Kalinda in on any of this herself, since they’re “friends.” Kalinda responds: “Apparently not friends enough.” And the ouches just never stop in this episode. Will asks Kalinda if he can trust her. She says he can. Also important if perhaps not as relevant to the matter at hand, Kalinda’s lipgloss is looking particularly devastatingly hot today.


Kalinda then makes her way down to the lobby, where all the fired fourth years have convened in a coffeeshop, where most of them are acting like doofuses, per usual—one of them complains about bonuses, still—while Alicia is doing her best to make sure they actually still have jobs. Both Lockhart Gardner and the Coffeeshop Team make frantic calls to clients to score them to their respective sides. Cary steps out to talk to Kalinda who, surprisingly, tells him that she’s now ready to sign up for Florrick, Agos, and Associates. Huh?


Cary is dubious, obviously, and Kalinda says something about Will going crazy, and how the firm might be able to survive without Cary and Alicia, but not without Diane. She can see the writing on the wall, she says. Cary brings up the issue that blocked her from moving with them in the first place: money. Kalinda says she’ll take the pay rate that he had offered. Cary finally acquiesces, says, if you want to help us, bring us the Chumhum files to our new office space.


Kalinda then returns upstairs. Tells Will that she’s learned the fourth years don’t have the Chumhum files, and that she now knows exactly where their new office will be. She also rats out Robyn, who so far has been left unscathed. Ohhh snap.