Which “Glee” characters should stay for the New York move?

Well, it’s finally happening. Glee has heard our pleas (and the pleas of pretty much every professional television critic on the entire internet) and decided it’s time to take that midnight train for a one-way spin to New York City. TV Line reported yesterday that Fox and Ryan Murphy are considering a major shift that would wrap up the Lima, OH stories and move the whole shebang to the Big Apple later this season. It’s not really surprising. With a few notable exceptions, the newbies haven’t really gained much traction with viewers, and Cory Monteith‘s death is going to be felt every single time we sit with the New New Directions in their choir room. Plus, with only three episodes under our belt, we’ve already been to prom with McKinley’s seniors, so Sectionals and Nationals could easily take place before the mid-season mark. The real question is: Who should make the move to the City of Dreams? Here are our top choices.

Rachel, Kurt, and Santana, duh.


Frankly, they’re the only reason most people are still watching this show anyway.

Blaine Warbler


Come on, Blaine was always going to make the move to New York, even if he wasn’t already engaged to his soul mate at the tender age of 17. The City that Never Sleeps was made for the guy who only takes a break from overachieving when he gets roofied by Tina Cohen-Chang. Plus, we’ve never really gotten to see him and Sanatana interact, and that’s a dynamic worth exploring in all sorts of ways.



Glee hasn’t always done a great job with trans* storylines, but Unique is one of the only transgender characters on TV and losing her would be a huge blow to the LGBT community. We have so much left to explore with her and New York is the perfect place to watch her world open up wider than she ever could have dreamed. Yeah, yeah. She’s a junior. But it’s not like we’re used to Glee making any sense anyway.

Quinn and Brittany


Right, so Quinn is off at Yale and Brittany is off at MIT (code for: Something unspeakable happened between Dianna Agron and Ryan Muphy slash Heather Morris had a baby), but come on, man. Glee just isn’t Glee without the members of the unholy trinity. We still haven’t explored the post-coital situation between Quinn and Santana (nor have we gotten to watch Brittany’s reaction to that news). Rachel is going to need her best girls with her more than ever before. And also, we just want to see their perfect faces in our living rooms again every week, OK? (No offense, Kitty and Marley. And, er, Tina and Artie and Sam and Will.) (OK, a little bit of offense to Will.)

Who do you think should stay, and who do you think should go when Glee moves to NYC?