“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.7): Easy Peasy

I love a good Halloween episode, and this week’s Grey’s Anatomy really fit the bill. A little bit spooky and wacky, yet it stayed true to the current storylines and pushed the characters forward. Also, the episode starts off with naked ladies, lying in bed together. Ok, I know. It was not the naked ladies that many fans wanted to see together, but naked ladies are what we get. Arizona is sleeping the sleep of the recently laid, but Leah is wide awake. She looks over at Arizona with a bit of panic in her eyes. She tries to slip out, but her stirring wakes Arizona. Arizona for her part, doesn’t seem to mind that Leah has spent the night and tells her not to rush off. She offers breakfast, but Leah is already pulling on her pants and tripping over herself to leave. Naked breakfast burritos with Arizona Robbins is not something one turns down, but Leah still declines. See, she’s trying to be “easy peasy lemon squeezy” with Arizona, and not complicate their physical relationship (as much as it’s against Leah’s nature). Sometimes, when our hearts and bodies are so blissed out on someone, we find ourselves twisting and bending to match expectations. The risk of losing it is too great, too unthinkable. It’s not healthy, but it happens. Leah leaves the hotel room, reminding Arizona that today is Halloween.


At the hospital, Meredith is going over Halloween party details. Since the Mer/Der mansion is in the middle of nowhere, she’s convinced Alex to let her host a party for the kids at his house. The only decoration Alex has purchased is a keg, so Meredith now has a shitload to plan. Cristina overhears their conversation and is hurt that she wasn’t invited to the party. Meredith had assumed that Cristina wouldn’t want to attend a baby Halloween party, but Cristina asserts that she loves Mer’s kids. Oh man, this storyline is getting me right in the feels. As a woman without children, who is friends with women who have them, it’s a tough transition for everyone. Cristina’s person, now has two little persons to take care of. Life is different, and always will be now.

Stephanie walks in for her shift, wearing a sweet pair of protective goggles. She’s just had Lasik surgery, and even though she was supposed to take two days off, she’s back. Crusty eyeballs and all. Jackson sweetly encourages her to rest, but she wants to work. Jo tells her that she and Alex are still not talking. C’mon Karev. Your girlfriend is literally Lara Croft. Get it together, man. While they chat, Stephanie slams into a wall. Guess those peepers aren’t quite road ready yet.


Callie, Owen and April are talking costumes at the nurses station. April is the Velveteen Rabbit, which Callie gives a big thumbs down. Slutty bunny, or bust. Callie asks Owen about Emma, and he tells her that Emma put the brakes on their romance. Since he forgot to mention his ex wife to her, she’s not quite sure that he’s ready to date. Owen, thinks perhaps she might be right. Arizona finds Callie to try and coordinate Halloween for Sofia. There has been a little miscommunication (well at least there is some communication) about Sofia’s Halloween costume. Both mommies spent the evening sewing and hot gluing two different costumes. It’s Princess vs Astronaut. It doesn’t take the women too long before they are at each others throats, and when Arizona suggests they let Sofia decide whose effort she loves more, Callie wisely walks away. Not cool Arizona. Don’t be such a Halloweenie.


Now that the cause of Richard’s shoulder pain has been identified, it’s time to  have surgery. But who will be the lucky doc? Bailey assumes she will be taking the reigns, but Richard wants a second year to do the honors. He tells her to observe them and pick a winner. Just then, Bailey’s hubby Ben shows up! He loves Halloween, and he didn’t want to miss it with his family. Bailey is too preoccupied with Richard however, and worrying about which second year will end up killing him in the near future.

An ambulance pulls up to the hospital with a man in tow who’s been viciously attacked. Half of his face has been eaten by a guy who’s all tweaked out and thinks he’s a zombie. Zombie Guy is being brought in too. He’s got gunshots to the chest but still snarling and conscious. When Leah attempts to listen to his heart, which is barely audible, he lunges at her and bites her shoulder. Sorry, bite isn’t an apt description. He sinks his teeth into her like an extra on the Walking Dead. She screams in shock and pain. Once they pull Zombie Guy off of her, she has a huge, bloody bite wound. While Leah’s fellow interns tend to her, Bailey orders all sorts of tests to make sure that she hasn’t been infected with any contagions like hepatitis and HIV. If that wasn’t upsetting enough, while cleaning the wound, Stephanie pulls a tooth out of it.


Owen approaches Cristina about operating on Zombie Guy. Apparently, the reason Leah couldn’t detect a steady heartbeat is because his organs are situs inversus. Meaning, his damn heart is on the opposite side of his chest. It’s certainly a treat for Cristina to work on such a rare patient, so she preps for surgery.

Jo and Alex are stuck working together, when a little girl and her businessman father come in. She’s all dressed up for trick or treating, but she’s got abdominal pain so instead, she’s sitting in the emergency room. Alex, who already has a chip on his shoulder regarding fathers, digs into the guy whenever he gets the chance. Jo tells the little patient that they still do trick or treating around the hospital, so not to worry.


Jackson and April are tending to the man who had a bite taken out of his face. As Jackson cleans his wound, the patient starts freaking out that maybe zombies are real. April tries to assure him that is not the case, but he begins to have a stroke.

Stephanie is struggling with her eyesight as she consults with a patient and her adult son. Stephanie misreads her name, which does not inspire confidence in the already terrified woman. The patient has had a leg wound for four months, and when Stephanie removes the dressings, she discovers the wound is crawling with maggots. Let’s all take a moment to barf it out. How does that sort of thing even happen!? I’d Google it, but I’m trying to spare myself more images of wound maggots. Shudder. Stephanie tells Meredith and Callie about it, and when Mer finds out that Stephanie just had eye surgery, she tosses her off the case. Instead of working with patients, Mer suggests that Stephanie go get candy for the party. Also thinking about the evening’s festivities are Ben and Derek. Ben is trying to piece together the perfect costume for Tuck, while Derek works on new ways to insert brain sensors. Ben notices the hack job Derek did sewing Zola’s costume. Turns out, not only is Ben smart and handsome, he can also sew a mean stitch.