10 TV characters who need to just come out already

In yesterday’s Morning Brew, we mentioned that ABC has ordered four more episodes of Rebel Wilson‘s Super Fun Night, which made us pretty happy for a couple of reasons. For starters, we love Rebel and the rest of the female-centric cast but the show got off to a Super Slow Start. Last week, things started turning around, though, and we hope the funny stuff gains some traction in the coming weeks. But also, we really don’t want Super Fun Night to get cancelled before Kimmie’s obviously Super Gay Friend, Marika, has a chance to say she’s gay. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of 10 TV characters who just need to come out already.

1. Marika, Super Fun Night


Here’s the deal: If your main goal in life is to chat up Lucy Lawless while dressed like Xena at a Xena: Warrior Princess convention so you can thank her for inspiring you to start an all-girls football team, you’re pretty gay. And that’s exactly what happened to Marika (wherein Xena = Murna and Lucy Lawless = Brooke Shields) last week on Super Fun Night. Because Marika is “the secretary of [Murna’s] Lower East Side of Manhattan not including Chinatown Fan Club.”

2. Myka Bering, Warehouse 13


The woman whose job it is to keep the world and the Warehouse safe from dangerous magical artifacts was willing to risk the world and the Warehouse (twice!) to save the life of one woman — Helena G. Wells. Because she’s in consuming, incandescent love with her. Scissoring love. Joanne Kelly knows it. Jaime Murray knows it. Jack Kenny knows it. With one final truncated season of Warehouse 13 left, we’re begging you to come out of the closet, sweet Myka. Go to Nowhere, Wisconsin and bring your woman home. Don’t just stare out the window forlornly, sobbing your eyeballs out, while you drive away from her.

3. Mona Vanderwaal, Pretty Little Liars


Using her powers of adrenalized hyperreality, Mona waged emotional and psychological warfare on the Pretty Little Liars for years, all because they took Hanna away from her. And where did she go when she broke out of her mental institution on Halloween? To a party on a train dressed as herself dressed as a dead girl dressed as Hanna’s boyfriend, all in the hopes that they could dance up on each other for a few minutes. Gay as a window. A beautiful, homicidal, stained glass window.