“The Good Wife” recap (5.7): Warrior Princess Mode

Last week on The Good Wife, we witnessed the tumultuous first day of Florrick Agos after their dramatic exit from Lockhart Gardner the episode prior. This week, the rest of Alicia and Cary’s first week plays out, alongside a re-energized Lockhart Gardner with Diane and Will together again at the helm. While last week ended with the triumph of Florrick Agos securing Chumhum as their client, this week, the chaotic cookie of independence continues to crumble. In fact, at times it feels like the cookie has been pulverized to dust.

The episode begins with what appears to be an upstanding young white bro, played by Hunter Parrish (Weeds, Spring Awakening), getting pulled over and harassed by a cop, to the point of forcing him to return to the station with him for a breathalyzer test, even though he clearly hasn’t been speeding and also isn’t drunk. He sits at the station, no breathalyzer, for over an hour, until he calls up Alicia Florrick at Lockhart Gardner, who represents his apparently rich family.

Alas! Alicia ain’t there anymore, and Will swoops in to take control of the case. When he arrives at the police station, he discovers another familiar face is already there, chatting up the cop: one Miss ASA Geneva Pine, who is always played so excellently by Renee Goldsberry, who deserves more roles. Clearly the DUI arrest is a fake, sneaky way for what Geneva’s really after: a murder conviction for a girl’s death at the college that the young man, whose name is Jeff, also attends. “Familial” DNA has been found under her fingertips, meaning that a male in Jeff’s family has most likely committed the crime, and he is the prime suspect.


Other trouble is abrew at the Lockhart Gardner offices, meanwhile, as they are being sued for $6 million for malpractice from a botched adoption. A Chippewa tribe has claimed rights to a child from the adoptive parents that Lockhart Gardner represented. The Good Wife once again cleverly incorporates recent headlines into their storylines, this time the heartwrenching “Baby Girl” Oklahoma case that received national attention this year. The twist in this malpractice suit: the supervising lawyer was Alicia Florrick, whom Diane and David Lee would like to testify on their behalf, to confirm that they did nothing wrong. And hence begins what I imagine will be a series of battles of the minds for the rest of this season.

When Alicia walks into the Lockhart Gardner offices for the first time since her exit, standing proudly on her own terms this time, she openly smirks when one of the receptionists almost trips over herself to bring the news of her shocking arrival to Diane. Not needing to be herded, Alicia walks back into the offices by herself to share a snarktastic convo with David Lee. Alicia and Diane then refer to the other as “Mrs. Florrick” and “Mrs. Lockhart” before sitting on opposite sides of the table in the conference room, which hits you right in the feels. Alicia hesitates before giving them the information about the case that they need, eventually saying, “You know that $150,000 for my partnership I put up just a little while ago? I’d like that back please. And then you’ll get your testimony.”

This type of blackmail, while not unreasonable, is a game that other members of Lockhart Gardner usually play, not Alicia. But Alicia appears to be reveling in it. Diane wonders if she’s  always been this way, or if she’s changed. Alicia shoots back, “I had some of the best teachers in the world. I couldn’t help but change.”


Alicia knows that she needs the money, though, because all at Florrick Agos is not well. They still don’t have offices, and their financial outlook is not good. It’s so not good, in fact, that they bring back in monetary expert Nathan Lane, which caused me to whoop for joy. While Nathan Lane is always the most excellent, I particularly love his earnest, nerdily serious yet lovable role on this show. Unsurprisingly, he delivers what they already know: their money situation sucks. It sucks real hard.


Tech savvy son Zach also notices that someone has hacked into all of the family’s computers, turning on their webcams without any of the Florricks’ knowledge. After informing Alicia, who responds in her typical, “What is this box with wires you speak of?” way, she and Cary decide that if Lockhart Gardner is spying on them, instead of stopping the hack, they should keep it going so they can plant false information.


While this allows for a hilarious scene where Cary has Nathan Lane read from a false script near the computer, and Lane gets to pretend to be a bad actor, it also just doesn’t feel right that Lockhart Gardner would do this. They can be sleazy sometimes, but they normally use the law to be sleazy, and this also seems too technological for any of the main hitters to really be in charge of. Alicia says she can see David Lee doing it, but let’s all remember that he’s the man who never takes his chunky Bluetooth out of his ear, rocking it like it’s 2003.