Adriana Torrebejano talks Crisabel, and we’re all ears

On the eve of being awarded the Andalesgai 2013 Visibility Award at the 9th annual LGBT Film Festival of Andalucia for her work on Tierra De Lobos, Adriana Torrebejano sat down to talk to Lesbicanarias about the creation of Crisabel, her affection for  co-star Berta Hernández and what we can expect in the future for these star-crossed lovers.  Though the 30-minute interview touched upon other subjects too, including Torrebejano’s vision for Crisabel’s future. Below are the top five things we learned about Crisabel thanks to last week’s interview.

Adriana  auditioned for all three of the Lobo sisters.

Adriana originally auditioned for the role of the eldest Lobo sister, Amuldena and although it went well, the director decided that she would be better fit for the role of Nieves. The following week, Adriana returned to read for  Nieves but she wasn’t right for that part either. The director concluded that she would have to be Isabel. So the next day, with very little time to study, Torrebejano auditioned one last time and landed the role.

Adriana suggested that Isabel should be gay.

Isabel’s character wasn’t going to be a lesbian,” Torrebejano reveals.  “They hadn’t talked about it or anything. It happened because of things I added to the scenes. That’s when I talked to the writers and told them, ‘Why don’t you make this girl a lesbian? Because, it could be very beautiful. You could tell it very well. And a lesbian in the 19th century can be very interesting.’ And they were thinking about it for a few weeks.  And they said, ‘Well, this could be a good idea.’”

Berta Hernández’s Cristina was not the producers’ first choice for Isabel’s love interest.

“Berta wasn’t going to be my girlfriend on the show,” Torrebejano explains. “It was going to be a another girl. Not a new girl, but another one of the girls at the brothel…Sara Gomez, who appeared in Season 1. They thought it could be her. Then they changed their minds and decided it was going to be Lobo’s girlfriend. So they complicated it more.”

Adriana and Berta worked on their chemistry over coffee.

When Torrebejano found out that she would be playing opposite Berta Hernández, she was “thrilled.” The two had worked together on other projects and were already friends before Tierra De Lobos began.  Because they didn’t want to do anything “false,” they met every day at a coffee shop to read the scripts and discuss the scenes together. Torrebejano and Hernández rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed so that the scenes would be natural and real.

crisabel make love 2

Crisabel fans should prepare themselves for more suffering.

When asked whether or not she could offer Crisabel fans any hope for the future of the couple, Torrebejano says: “No.” [Laughs] “I can’t.” She adds, “You’re going to suffer a lot more. I’m sorry.”

But don’t give up hope! Torrebejano also hints that Crisabel will try to run away together again in the future. Watch the whole interview, subtitled by our dear friend Les Cougar, here.