“Super Fun Night” recap (1.8): This is actually the first episode

This week’s episode of Super Fun Night was originally the pilot to the show, the one critics were sent before it aired, so I’d actually seen it before. Watching it again, I have to say, I am so glad the show has improved, but I don’t know that airing this episode (which was very poorly received) was the greatest idea. It didn’t do anything to move the plot or characters forward, and introduced a character that was recast (Felicity became Kendall) who we will never see again.


That being said, it was also clear from this pilot that the character of Marika was being set up to eventually question her sexuality. This episode is supposed to be a recalled memory of Kimmie, Marika and Helen-Alice’s first Super Fun Night out a year ago. Up until then, all SFNs had been spent in their apartment dressing up like troll dolls and learning how to lift rocks (Marika’s idea—PING!).


But Kimmie has just been promoted at the law firm and meets Richard, who invites her to a party at a dance club on Friday night. Marika and Helen-Alice are not thrilled about going, but decide they need to try something new and get out of the house. There’s a really weird scene in which Helen-Alice is at work and has some weird female stalker officemate peering over her cube at her, and that feels especially strange now knowing we have never seen her again this season.


This episode also had some cheap fat jokes that, while Rebel Wilson wrote the episode herself, still fell flat. Lawyer of the year/resident mean girl Felicity Vanderstone (Kelen Coleman) tells Kimmie she should try and wear something that plays up her chunk when she comes to the club, and also says she can see the staples in her skirt. (The skirt that was too tight and ripped off of her, of course.)

The big night out has Kimmie, Helen-Alice and Marika feeling good in their going-out-outfits, until they reach the bouncer, who refuses to let them in, calling them “eye broccoli.” It becomes clear that Felicity has told the bouncer to refuse them, trying to keep Richard to herself. At this point I feel like I need to say what everyone is thinking: Richard is not all that. Why do all the women on this show want him? No.


Kimmie does not want to give up so she decides they should try to break in. Unfortunately, once they bust in the building, it is not the club, but a porno theater playing something that has Marika commenting, “Wow those girls are hungry.” She wants to stay and watch but her friends want to get the hell out of there. (PING!)

Back outside, Helen and Marika are disappointed. This is exactly why they never leave the house. Kimmie’s dress rips open and reveals some blinking heart lingerie just as Richard comes out of the club. He hands her his coat and tells her to keep it, and Kendall is not far behind, pretending to be upset that the girls could not make it past the bouncer. She pretends to scold him but secretly thanks him.

At home, Marika and Helen-Alice decide it wasn’t all bad. They survived a night out and Kimmie even got her boobs touched (on accident). Marika says she was checked out by a bunch of dudes but Helen-Alice makes a face that says exactly what I’m thinking: GAY!


Next week, back to the current storyline  and it’s a Christmas episode. Will Kimmie hook up with Richard? Will Marika figure out she’s a lesbian? Will Helen-Alice’s co-worker ever return? We’ll find out—maybe.