The 11 most swoon-worthy TV moments of 2013

There sure were a lot of lady-on-lady happenings on the teevee that made us sigh sweetly in 2013. I mean, obviously the top lesbian sex scenes did a little something for us, but we’ve already counted those down. So in the spirit of celebrating the non-sex moments that made our hearts sing, here are 11 times we practically swooned right out of our seats.

11. Jules Gives Val a Promise Ring (Betrayal)


Betrayal kind of blew our minds this year by adding Sofia Black D’Elia to the cast and introducing a very sweet, very real lesbian love story between between Jules and Val. While the madness of the adults spins out of control on the show, Val and Jules just keep getting awesomer and awesomer. In fact, Jules recently gave Val her ring and promised not to lie or cheat on her, despite being a full Shane McCutcheon in her past.

10. Jane Protects Maura from Angry Prisoners (Rizzoli & Isles)


After Maura was tossed in the slammer-jammer on Rizzoli & Isles, Jane stopped by to check on her and promise to get her out as soon as possible, but when she saw that Maura’s perfect face had been punched by another prisoner, Jane butched up like never before and basically threatened to burn the whole jail to the ground if anyone touched her girlfriend ever again.

9. Mona Vanderwaal is Mona Vanderwaal (Pretty Little Liars)


Oh, you know, just another year of general Vandershenanigans on Pretty Little Liars: Mona admitting she wore a Phantom of the Opera mask over an Alison DiLaurentis mask over a paper mache mask she made herself during craft time at the asylum in the off chance she’d get a kiss from Hanna, Mona stealing Emily’s car to go on a coffee run for her best girls, Mona turning herself in for a crime she didn’t commit to keep her True Love’s mom out of jail. The only thing missing this year was a hit-and-run and some glamping.

8. Piper and Alex Spoon (Orange is the New Black)


I, for one, made a strangled whimpering noise right out loud when Piper finally gave into her feelings for Alex on Orange Is the New Black, flipping their spooning position to whisper, “Why do you feel so inevitable to me?” It was almost too real for comfort.