“The Returned” recap (1.8): Undead Meetup

Just the title of this episode, “The Horde,” has got me all excited. It is ominous, yet intriguing. I hope we get some more insight on the Returnees, their eventual decomposition and how Lucy plays a part in their chance at “life.”

We are taken back 35 years in the past to the day the old dam broke. Victor walks through a tent where they are storing the corpses covered with sheets when one begins to move. Turns out to be little Serge and Toni goofing around. Killers are so cute when they are small. Ms. Costa tells Victor’s mom that she thinks the town officials knew of the danger and the dead will have their revenge one day. She is always so foreboding, but accurate.


Now back in the near present, a week earlier, one of the departed from the flood awakes to see Camille crossing the dam and a large group rising over a nearby hill. The haunting music of Mogwai makes that shot and many others purely horrifying. But it is also very interesting to see that only a few yards behind Camille’s walk back into town were so many other of her undead brethren.


In present day, Laure and Julie have given up on their escape and wake from sleeping within their parked car on the dam. When Laure notices hand prints all over the back window, Victor informs her that The Horde came to retrieve him. These two ladies must be sound sleepers. Just then, off in the distance, Toni stands atop the dam preparing to jump. Julie convinces him to come down and he is promptly arrested by Laure.


The power outage has taken a toll on the town, which is looking pretty trashed. Adele looks through her bare cupboards then heads upstairs to find Chloe. Instead she finds her daughter’s vivid drawings of Simon shooting himself and a depiction of her own suicide attempt. When questioned, Chloe makes it known that that she wants to find Simon and that Victor is also one of the many undead. Adele warns her to stay away from them then locks her in her room. Not a good plan, as she will eventually need to use the bathroom. Maybe she should get one of those kid leashes I always see people using at the mall. That might be more helpful.


At the shelter a message about the Apocalypse has appeared on the dining hall’s wall. No doubt from the Prophet Pierre. Camille’s face rot is getting worse. And Sandrine blames everyone’s misfortunes, including her miscarriage, on the “monsters” who have returned.

Julie, Laure, Victor and Toni are all hanging out on the foggy dam while Laure tries to get the radio to connect in her police cruiser. Victor whispers to Julie that Toni was the one that saved her life. As Julie hugs Toni and thanks him, the horde approaches. The fog is definitely a nice touch. It adds the right amount of spookiness. They all hop in the car and make a getaway after Laure makes the slowest k-turn ever.


Bruno finds Lucy and Simon in a staring contest with their hands pressed against his cell. I haven’t seen this much desire through glass since Foo Fighters “Walking After You” video. Bruno asks how she got as Lucy walks off and seemingly disappears.


Thomas and Alcide show up at The Lake Pub, which is totally destroyed and looted. Something catches Thomas’s eye and it is not what I expected. I think this maybe a TV first for me, a dude drinking out of a toilet. Now that’s desperation. Trigger happy Thomas blows him away and notices his neck and face rot.


Jerome discovers Pierre’s den of supplies and guns. He immediately finds Claire to tell her and is shocked that she already knows. She basically tells him she is fine with it because she doesn’t think Jerome has the balls to protect Camille if something goes down. Talk about emasculation.