“The Returned” recap (1.8): Undead Meetup

Laure rushes to warn her fellow officers that the undead are starting to to congregate. Julie gets crazy pissed and attempts to leave the car while it speeds down the road, causing Julie to pull over. As they fight outside, Toni tells Victor he remembers going to his funeral as a child. Victor, in turn, tells Toni that he knows he killed his brother and caused his mom to die from sorrow. Suddenly Serge appears and Victor hands him a gun from the glovebox, but in reality gives the gun to Toni. He shoots himself in the gut and Laure opens the door to see the aftermath and Victors’ chilling stare.


Back at the jail, Simon has somehow broken the glass and escaped his cell. Adele finds him downstairs in her home along with Lucy, who has Chloe outside. He tells Adele that she is pregnant with his child and he will be here for her this time. Great.  I don’t want to see how you have to deliver a half human, half zombie baby. Her response is to stab him then lock herself in the laundry room. Simon loses his mind until he is soothed by Lucy’s calming touch.


Laure and Julie rush Toni to the shelter. Pierre’s medical wing is already coming in handy. Ms. Costa takes Victor away from Pierre while Camille stares at her growing wound in the bathroom. Just like Simon, she decides it is a great idea to start picking at her flesh. Frederic pops in and they profess their love for each other, skin rot and all. Then Lena finds them both and tells Frederic to go away and keep his trap shut about Camille’s face. I don’t think makeup is covering it up anymore, so he may not be the one getting the word out.


Thomas finds Adele at home and Chloe missing. They both head over to the shelter to find Simon. Instead they find Alcide. He witnessed the zombie herd and they are coming this way. Hide your wife! Hide your kids!

Ms. Costa helps Victor drift off into sleep and he dreams of being put to bed by his mother. She talks to him about his fairy protector then takes his book before tucking him in. The cover is adorned with a cartoon fairy who has a striking resemblance to Julie.


Speaking of, Julie finishes up her back alley surgery on Toni only to be greeted by Serge. Toni looks up, smiles and passes away. Serge, who is obviously deluded, turns to Julie for comfort and a hug.


As night falls, the entire police force guards the shelter. The horde arrives and the cops are definitely outnumbered. Lucy calmly saunters over and stands in the police spotlight. She has such a flair for drama. She tells Thomas and Pierre that Chloe will be returned if the others join them.


Thomas forcefully rounds up Ms. Costa and Camille, joined by Claire and Victor, who is joined by his guardian, Julie. Simon appears from the darkness with Chloe and creepily whispers in her ear. Lucy tells Thomas that he is forgetting one more, Adele, and she must be handed over as well. He doesn’t comply and locks everyone inside and closes the metal security shutters. Chloe let’s Adele know they are after her baby and suddenly loud banging begins outside. The power goes out and the banging becomes louder and more urgent. Meanwhile, Serge stares at his brother’s body while their mother watches from the doorway. As the sun rises, Thomas opens the shutters to find the horde gone and the town completely submerged by flood waters.

As expected, the season finale has left us with more questions than answers. It is going to kill me to wait until next season to find out more about the horde. And what will become of Adele’s baby that was conceived out of her freakish union with Simon? Why was Serge not sought after by Lucy and the group? Will Pierre realize that he is the only one that thinks he is important?