“Once Upon a Time” stars Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parrilla stick up for the SwanQueen fandom

This past weekend, Happy got grumpy. Sorry, bad pun, I know. I couldn’t resist. Let me start over.

On Friday night, the actor who plays Happy on Once Upon a Time started a wee bit of a twitter riot. It started during a Q & A Michael Coleman was having, and became an argument that seems to have lasted quite a bit of time.

He has since deleted the original offending tweets, but it started with him saying SwanQueen wasn’t a ship and that it was never going to happen, and that SwanQueen shippers were rude and aggressive. Coleman then engaged in back-and-forth with people trying to explain to him why what he said was offensive. He kept insisting what he said wasn’t insulting and was just fact.

Here are some of his “apology” tweets.

Dude needs to take a class in apologies, if you ask me. It’s fine if you want to stand by what you originally said, but don’t claim people are twisting your words and then repeat exactly what you said and what people are saying you said. Quite frankly, I prefer the writers write the show and not this guy. I also prefer the fandom ship the ships. Happy can walk the plank. Speaking of ships, Coleman also obviously doesn’t understand what a “ship” is.

Much like fairies, all a ship needs to exist is for someone to believe. And there are so many of us who believe in this ship – even if we don’t think it will ever happen on screen doesn’t mean we can’t ship it with all of our hearts. And besides, there is no way he knows what the writers have planned for the future. Brittana started out as a femslash ship we thought would never happen. Just saying.


Source: teambrittanaisendgame.tumblr.com

The real issue wasn’t in his opinions on SwanQueen in general. He’s allowed to not ship it. The problem was when he started generalizing and calling the SwanQueen fandom rude, even going so far as to say the fandom’s rudeness was notorious on set and that Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parrilla have noticed and that it doesn’t look good for us. He even went so far as to say the only negative things he has heard about fans of the show have been about aggressive and fundamentalist—his word, not mine—SwanQueen shippers.

Are there rude SwanQueen shippers? Sure there are. But I’m willing to bet there are also rude SwanFire shippers and rude CaptainSwan shippers. Heck, there might even be a fandom for people who ship Happy with Grumpy or Belle or something. And I bet there’s a rude person in that bunch, too. Because in any group of people, you’re bound to get a variety of personalities. But you cannot define the group based on a subset of it.

Eventually, Happy’s comments made their way to the cast and crew. Adam spoke up for the writers, saying that Michael Coleman didn’t speak for anyone but himself. 

Adam then took to Twitter and was answering fans individually, explaining that Michael is entitled to his opinions, but he doesn’t speak for anyone else. He also assured fans that, as Michael implied, the cast doesn’t hate the SwanQueen fandom. Jen and Lana also caught wind of this and spoke up in support of the fandom. Jen reiterated what she had said at New York ComicCon and tweeted that she supports all fans and all ships.

Jen actually seemed a little angry that someone was speaking on her behalf, and even called Michael Coleman out and told him he was “out of line.” She also said she loved the passion of her fans and couldn’t imagine why anyone would say negative things about SwanQueen.

Lana also spoke out, reminding everyone that she loves and supports all of her fans.

So don’t fret, SwanQueen fandom, Jen and Lana are still captaining this ship with grace and poise. They see us and they love our love for them, and they’ll stick up for us and remind us of their support when it counts.


I’m going to go ahead and consider that Jen and Lana’s Christmas gift to fandom.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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