What you can expect from Whitney and Sada on “Couples Therapy” tonight


When we last left Whitney Mixter and Sada (formerly Sara) Bettencourt, the couple was moving forward as a married couple, working together in real estate and thinking about adding some babies to the mix. Since then, the former Real L Word stars have started an apparel company together, Cloth and Justice, and continue to travel and host lesbian events around the country. But tonight, they are going to open themselves up again to viewers when they appear on Vh1’s Couples Therapy.

Having watched the first episode, I can tell you a few things that might entice you to watch, or at least inform you going into it. Nothing too spoilery, but if you want to know nothing, turn back now!

1. Whitney and Sada clash over running their business. Working together has given the couple new issues, as their hot tempers flare easily while balancing work duties with personal lives and Sada’s other job as a hair stylist. They have different ideas about running the company, which is done out of their house, making business and pleasure an even finer line.


2. Housemate Kelsey Nykole is homophobic.

Sadly it seems that Ghostface Killah‘s partner, singer/model Kelsey, does not agree with gay marriage and makes a few on-camera comments about Whitney and Sada’s being together. She said Ghost’s viewpoints differ from hers, but he does make a joke about Whitney or Sara “trying to bag her.” (Lesbians: We want to have sex with all women, even while attempting to improve our relationships!)

3. There will be less sex.

This is Vh1, people, not Showtime, so don’t expect to see any nudity or explicit shower scenes. In fact, there will likely be more tears than tearing off clothes.

4. Whitney and Sada have comparatively less serious issues than their housemates.

While the problems they are having are surely serious things they need to work out, the straight couples (and single Teen Mom star Farrah Abrams), are dealing with some heavier issues, like Taylor Armstrong‘s moving on from an ex’s suicide, Ghost’s infidelity and Jon Gosselin‘s girlfriend feeling like a rebound after his very public split from wife Kate. Here’s hoping the boring normalcy of Whitney and Sada’s relationship will help America see we’re just like other people, maybe even less crazy. However, their bio does say “the honeymoon is over for these wives, as their jealousy, anger, and resentment has taken over their relationship.” Uh oh.


5. Whitney and Sada are still crazy about one another.

Sada’s Portugeuse passion and Whitney’s straight-from-the-heart discussions show that if there’s one couple that will surely leave the house in an even better place, it’s these two.

We’ll be recapping Couples Therapy every week, so make sure to come back tomorrow and chat with us about the first episode, which airs tonight on Vh1.