“Lost Girl” Recap (4.08): Soylent green is candy

Lost Girl troll so hard, fangirls wanna fine it–for the damages incurred from swallowing their own tongues. Yeah, about those first two minutes. Bo. Car. Water. Suds. I know we’ve seen it before. But daaaaayum, if it isn’t even better the second time around. Slow-motion cameras, we salute you.


So, yes, that car wash scene happened. Yes, it was gratuitous. Yes, it was glorious. Yes, it quite literally melted Lauren’s ice cream. Yes, it metaphorically melted all of our ice creams. Yes, I watched it more than once, again. Yes, it was for investigative purposes–again.


But besides being ridiculous (I mean, who washes a convertible with the top down?) and ridiculously hot (I mean, who washes a convertible in a sheer white tank top?), the scene also marks a significant milestone in the long-festering bromance between Lauren and Dyson. Indeed, it was good for them–I mean her. Therapeutic or something.


You know, I could probably write an entire thesis on how well Zoie Palmer embodies unadulterated lust in this scene. But I think I’ll just let her dripping scoop of vanilla do the talking for me.