“The Good Wife” recap (5.11): You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar

The Good Wife is finally back after its long winter hiatus, and we pick up right where we left off, as if we never left Chicago at all: Marilyn Garbanza is telling Eli Gold, in her husky, nonchalant voice of gold that she’s naming her baby Peter. This prompts Eli to spit out his drink and hastily drag her away, hilariously going all kinds of eyes-popping-out-of-my-head Eli Gold crazy, even as Marilyn calmly informs him that the fact that her son’s name will be the same as Peter Florrick’s is just a coincidence.

This is all happening at the Florrick Agos Christmas/Debut Party, and our focus soon shifts to Alicia, who’s paying the band. The band happens to be fronted by Matthew Lillard, whose face I have been missing since The Bridge. His band’s happenstance gig at Florrick Agos prompts the legal storyline of the week, and it’s a doozy. Lillard and his amusingly silent partner ask if they can talk to Alicia and Cary for a moment after they’re done playing. They then watch a series of videos. The first is a rap video. The second is Lillard’s slowed down and melodic cover of that rap song.

And the third, well, the third is some actors on a TV show about a music and dance camp, who are dancing in shiny costumes and singing Lillard’s version of the song, which they used without Lillard’s permission. Lillard was going to let it go, but the TV show is now making millions off of it. It’s another ripped-from-the-headlines plotline, but instead of the headier political angles The Good Wife often tackles, this time the Kings are coming right at Glee. Take heed, Ryan Murphy.


In other Good Wife news, Will Gardner is still being an enormous prick! Over at Lockhart Gardner, they’re casting a vote in the meeting room about expanding LG to a Los Angeles office. Because they opened a New York office two seconds ago, so why not throw in LA, too? Why not Tokyo? Why not the moon? Will hasn’t really consulted Diane about any of this, but hey, he and Damian apparently hammered it out in a bar, so we’re all good. Diane does her best to stop the ridiculousness, but with douchebag Damian on Will’s side, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that she’s losing her power. I miss the Diane Lockhart from the first few episodes of this season, both for our sakes and for her own. And Will, your LG logo still looks stupid.



Will’s reign of foolishness and bitterness continues when Burl Preston, legal counsel for the TV network that airs the fake Glee, comes to the LG offices, thinking that Alicia still works there. Will takes him into his office and offers his own services in Preston’s battle against Alicia, because “an enemy of my enemy is my friend.” There is a lot of tricky stuff going on with the copyrights: Lillard et al had acquired the rights to cover the song, but not the complete set of rights that would protect them in this case, the derivative rights. Since Peter Florrick happens to know the original rapper—they spent some time in jail together, as one does—Alicia’s able to arrange a meeting and the rapper hands over the rights to Lillard, no big deal. So when Burl Preston comes to the offices of Florrick Agos, Alicia and Cary think they’ve got it in the bag. Until Will walks in after him.

As they walk to their meeting, Alicia advises Will to get over it. He asks, get over what? She replies, “Me.” As he launches into his smarmy response, she rolls her eyes and walks away. It seems Will has weaseled exclusive derivative rights to the song for the TV show, making Alicia and Matthew Lillard’s previous meeting with the rapper meaningless. Not only aren’t they going to settle, the TV show is now suing them.