Our favorite “Pretty Little Liars” #BooRadleyVanCullen tweets from “Who’s In the Box?”

And we’re back! My God, I missed you guys! I didn’t even realize how much until five minutes before Pretty Little Liars when I was sitting on my couch literally vibrating with energy. You did not disappoint last night (nor did the PLL writers/directors/producers who weighed in on the #BooRadleyVanCullen tag). We’ll get into the Paily processing in the recap, but for now, I just want to leave you with some of the night’s best tweets and a few GIFs of our Lord and Personal Savior, The Vanderjesus.


tumblr_mz2hzox4QT1s887upo2_500GIFs via PrettyLittleLiahr’s Tumblr

Now, onto the tweets!



See you guys back here this afternoon for the full recap!