“Super Fun Night” recap (1.10 & 1.11): “Li’l Big Kim” and “Dinner Party”

We got two new episodes of Super Fun Night¬†this week, the first of which was full of LOL moments. Rebel Wilson penned the ep, “Li’l Big Kim,” in which Kimmie needs to have her favorite rapper, Miss T Amour (Danielle Mone` Truitt), sign a contract to use her firm’s legal services. (“I’m extremely street,” Kimmie says. “I know all the signs!” She does not.)

But Miss T finds Kimmie amusing enough to invite her to a show that night. Kimmie’s entourage that evening includes the typical crew: Richard, Kendall, Marika and Helen-Alice. The latter two are, of course, nervous about going out in public but prepare by using copious amounts of hairspray, and Marika changes out of a hoodie and into a military-style studded coat.

Kimmie dons a rhinestone-bling jogging suit for the event to go backstage with contact in hand. She wants to show Miss T she is down, and channels her high school rap persona Li’l Big Kim, which she created to help remember math polynomials and the like before tests. (I should have done that. I was so bad at math. Still am. DON’T MAKE ME CALCULATE THE TIP!)


Miss T’s bouncer Antwon takes a liking to Kimmie, making sure she’s well aware it’s because she’s thick. Kimmie said she thought black guys liked her because of her interest in hip-hop, but Antwon assures her that is not the reason. He basically says “Dat ass” while licking his lips. Kimmie is just trying to get Miss T to sign the contract, but she’s more interested in seeing how chill Kimmie can be. Yet she wants legal advice: “Should I diversify in stocks and bonds or buy a wolf?”


This cannot be how lawyers do business in the real world, but if it is, I should have gone to law school.

Out in the club, Marika and Helen-Alice decide to stop just being “vanilla eye candy” and “get in the game” and start dancing in the middle of a group, who swiftly move away. Kendall has invited an obnoxious Italian friend Marcello to illustrate to Richard how annoying it is that he and Kimmie share inside jokes in front of her all the time. Marcello’s jokes are not as nerdy and funny as Kimmie and Richard’s, though. Instead he says weird sexual things and calls Kendall “Pistachio” because she’s “nuts.” Richard is not impressed, and when Marcello says he’s getting horny, Kendall admits she needs to get rid of him by directing his attention elsewhere. Suddenly she wants to hang out with Marika and Helen-Alice.

Kimmie knows her one job for the night is to get the contract signed, so she tries again, but Miss T decides Kimmie is too pushy and kicks her out of VIP. Bouncer Antwon takes pity on Kimmie, though, and allows her one last shot. Kimmie appeals to Miss T and gets the job done, right before she goes on stage. Miss T then invites Li’l Big Kim up to perform, because that is definitely something a rapper would do.