“Chicago Fire” recap (2.12): “A big lesbian hug”

Previously on Chicago Fire, Shay got a new partner who sings “taste of her cherry Chapstick” while protesting about how much she doesn’t like the gays. Mills and Clarke were locked in a heated will they/won’t they while Clarke was a suspect for murder (did he/didn’t he). Turns out he didn’t but was covering for his wife. Casey’s brain was just not quite right after a tornado dropped a house on his head. Dawson started training to be a firefighter and Master Chief Severide gave her a hard time. Otis romanced little Severide like a regular AV Club, Dungeons and Dragons-playing nerd and it was a glorious, awkward sight.

At the fire academy, Severide is giving a practice test to the candidates. Dawson grabs her No. 2 pencil and gets to work. Jones slips her cell phone out from under her leg while Severide’s back is turned starts cheating. Gabriela Hastings-Granger does not approve.

CF 2121

At 51, Boden asks Casey for the report on the fire where Casey got his head bashed in. Casey says, no problem, right away Chief. Boden asks if Casey is feeling okay and Casey lies about being tip top, no problems and promises to have the report done immediately, or as soon as he can remember anything about what happened.

Mills walks into the common room and Herrmann razzes him about his three sizes too small Squad T-shirt. What? Clarke appreciates a man who shows off his figure. Mills is on high alert for potential pranks and triple checks his chair before sitting down. Shay asks Casey how Dawson is doing and says how much she misses making out with her in the back of the rig. Rafferty sips her tea and checks the WNBA scores while cracking that Shay sure knows how to make the new kid feel welcome. She cracks right back at Rafferty needs to bring more than homophobia and bad eye makeup to the table if she wants to stay in the running for the America’s Next Top (oh please, don’t pretend you don’t think Dawson is a top).

CF 2122

Herrmann asks if Dawson will be around later because they need to try to come up with $50 grand or the bank will take Molly’s. Severide saunters in and he and Casey talk about the their wood. Get out of the gutter, he means actual lumber. They need a way to get it to their treehouse building site. No one had a trucking connection who can help but Mouch wants to know if Mills will still be cooking for everyone even though he’s not the candidate any more. Mills says he’s only cooking for Clarke these days so Severide offers to get Katie to cook for them until they sort out a schedule. At the mention of the Sheveride, Otis perks up and Shay is all over it. She tells Otis he better shut it down because if he dates Katie and things go south, Severide will probably kill Otis and she’s sick of her lezbros getting arrested for murder.

CF 2123

Shay and Rafferty wander into the hall and the lawyer Shay dodged last week is here with a folder and some news for Shay. Darryl left her everything he had. She doesn’t want any of it, not the apartment, not the stuff in it, she wants to put this whole horrible incident behind her. The lawyer hands her a folder and says, “Tough luck, lady!” and skips off down the hall. Before it can sink in they are called out to an apartment building fire. It started with a propane grill being used indoors. The Chief yells at the lady for cooking indoors but gets his ass handed to him by another woman who tells him their dirtbag landlord doesn’t put the heat on so they are doing whatever they can to stay warm.

At the fire academy, Dawson and jones are engaged in a G.I. Jane-style workout session. Jones is pleased to announce two more recruits rang the bell and are gone from training. She tells Dawson she can handle all the physical stuff but has dyslexia so the tests and reading are hard for her. Dawson points out that she’s not the only one with dyslexia to go through the academy and tells her to talk to Severide. Jones whines that Severide doesn’t like her and Dawson storms off to study channeling her best Hermione “I can’t believe you are using the Half Blood Prince’s textbook” Granger.

CF 2124

Back at 51 Shay is going through Darryl’s papers and Herrmann really wants to know just how much blood money they’re talking about. Clarke interprets one of the pages and tells Shay Darryl was in the Navy. Cruz tells Mills there’s a guy there to see him and Mills is suspicious that this is a prank. The guy claims to be a reporter and wants to ask Mills about being named to Squad at such a tender age. Mills suspects its a prank and proceeds to give the most ridiculous answers possible.

Out at the construction site Casey tells Severide he needs some help with the accident report because despite being totally fine, one hundred percent a-OK to come back to work, he can’t remember the two days leading up to the accident. Severide balks but eventually agrees to help.

Boden makes a house call on the landlord and reads him the extensive Wallace Boden riot act. He tells him that he better make sure that pretty lady is warm or else his building are going to be seeing a lot of the fire inspector, building inspector, and probably all of Chicago P.D. (you may have heard they like to cross over every now and again).

CF 2125

Across town Shay is staring at her new apartment and working up the courage to go in. When she enters the place is still covered with Darryl’s blood. She fights flashbacks and tears as she looks around the room. Just when Shay seems to be calming down, she turns around finds a creepy guy standing there. It’s scary as hell. The guy turns out to be Jed, Darryl’s brother, and he wants to know why Shay is getting all of Darryl’s stuff, including the apartment. She tells him that she’s sorry and that he can have the money. There’s something shady about this dude, Shay. Maybe next time bring someone with you? I know Rafferty is a pain but, come on, use your head.