Our favorite #GaydyBunch tweets from “House and Home”

Just when you thought The Fosters couldn’t get any more awesome they bring in Rosie O’Donnell. Just when you thought The Fosters couldn’t get more inclusive, they bring in Tom Phelan, a trans teen actor to play Cole.  Just when you thought Brandon couldn’t get any worse, he skulks around like Ezra Fitz shows up at Girls United like a creepy stalker.  And just when you thought you couldn’t love Judicorn any more, he slams the door in Brandon’s face.  Here is a selection of just some of our favorite tweets (seriously, there were about eleventy billion tweets).



Brandon, Callie is picking juvie over you. Take the hint. #gaydybunch

— Ashe B (@birobot) January 21, 2014

Brandon, don’t look so proud/smug about it! #GaydyBunch you kissed a girl and she LEFT town & got arrested. — Sad Chicken (@Morenadeca) January 21, 2014

Stef is representing all the outraged fangirls. #gaydybunch — Lauren (@chickwithsquee) January 21, 2014

Everyone is on Mariana for never having a boyfriend, it’s okay boo I’ve never had one either #GaydyBunch #TheFosters — Annie (@isnahah) January 21, 2014

I’ve never had boyfriend either, Brandon. #SuckIt #GaydyBunch — Kate (@Gooder_English) January 21, 2014

Wonder Twins, activate in form of LOGIC AND SASS! Jesus and Marina, I love you both, let’s hug. #TheFosters #GaydyBunch — taintedidealist (@taintedidealist) January 21, 2014

When I get a house I’m going to rig the front door to play the intro song to The Fosters every time someone walks in #GaydyBunch — Stephanie Wrobel (@stephaniewrobel) January 21, 2014

Point of order Brandon, you don’t have to have a boyfriend to know kissing your will be sister is wrong #GaydyBunch #educateyourself — Mary Kay Knight (@MKAmericanHero) January 21, 2014

Aaaaand, Stef broke my heart more than a little bit. THE TEARS ON MY FACE RIGHT NOW!!! #GaydyBunch — Sydni (@SydB29) January 21, 2014

There are things going on with this Mariana scene, but I’m really distracted by Jace’s? jacket and how good I’d look in it. #GaydyBunch — taintedidealist (@taintedidealist) January 21, 2014

We have to break up? Were they still going out?? #GaydyBunch #TheFosters — Valerie Anne (@PunkyStarshine) January 21, 2014

I feel like this is 50th time Brandon has broken up with Talya #TheFosters#GAYDYBUNCH — Alyssa (@tvwithapb) January 21, 2014

Oh hells yeah, Stef in a suit. Uhm, what I meant was, awwwwwww they showed up to the hearing #TheFosters #GaydyBunch — Belinda McD (@betterleftbl_nk) January 21, 2014

#GaydyBunch Apparently Brandon learned U-Hauling from the best. Dropping the L word after the first kiss…damn. — Line (@Ftballlwyr) January 21, 2014

Jude just did what we all wish we could. Slam that door Judicorn. #GaydyBunch — Dana Piccoli (@DanaPiccoli) January 21, 2014

“I’m not groping dudes!” *mothers nod in agreement* #GaydyBunch #TheFosters — Lauren Beckett (@ElleGrrrl) January 21, 2014

Callie has lived with lesbians, she knows about recycling and sorting one’s trash. #GaydyBunch #TheFosters — Kristen (@hachiemachie) January 21, 2014

Are we straight? Honey this is ABC Family, nobody is straight #GaydyBunch — Mary Kay Knight (@MKAmericanHero) January 21, 2014

Lesbian moms and a trans kid. HELLO PAT ROBERTSON!! #GaydyBunch #TheFosters — Kate (@Gooder_English) January 21, 2014

Aww, Mariana and Jude 🙂 See, Brandon, that’s how you’re SUPPOSED to act around your opposite sex foster sibling!!!! #TheFosters #GaydyBunch — Leanne Koch (@LeanneFryingPan) January 21, 2014

I bet Brandon grows up to be an Ezra. #GaydyBunch #BooRadleyVanCullen — Kate (@Gooder_English) January 21, 2014

Carmen De La Pica Morales Jr I like you. You’re spunky. #thefosters #gaydybunch — ANH (@anh62950) January 21, 2014

I’m going to be SO SHOCKED when Brandon pulls a dick move and horns in on Jude’s time with Callie. Wait, no I’m not. #GaydyBunch #TheFosters — Tammy (@tylynn_sings) January 21, 2014

Oh Judicorn you wear your Granddad’s clothes, you look incredible. #GaydyBunch — Allison (@peachesTECH) January 21, 2014

OMG, Little Judicorn with his 5 foot long tie is the cutest. #GaydyBunch — Marieill Hill (@marieillhill) January 21, 2014

Mike in your day your wife liked men. Times change #GaydyBunch — Mary Kay Knight (@MKAmericanHero) January 21, 2014

Now if only Emma would kick Brandon’s ass #GaydyBunch #TheFosters — Belinda McD (@betterleftbl_nk) January 21, 2014

Fuck you, Brandon. #GaydyBunch — Brooker (@McBrooker) January 21, 2014


I can’t help but think that Brandon is 1 sweater vest away from becoming Byron Montgomery. I like Byron more than I do Brandon. #GaydyBunch — Sad Chicken (@Morenadeca) January 21, 2014

If Lena and Stef were in Rosewood there would have never been a second season. They would’ve put the kibosh on A from jump! #GaydyBunch — Samantha J. Green (@SamanthaJGreen) January 21, 2014

Mariana and the MAGICAL SENIOR PENIS! #GaydyBunch

— Ashley Fisher (@Korny247) January 21, 2014

Family crisis, blah blah… well hello slouchy sweater! #GaydyBunch #TheFosters

— Tippi McCullers (@ali_steventon) January 21, 2014

When Jude the unicorn child shuts the door in your face, it’s time to take a good long hard look at your life #gaydybunch

— Cindy Swain (@clsBR09) January 21, 2014

I would love for Cher to show up to smack Brandon and say “snap out of it” #GaydyBunch

— Lady Liberty (@CindyLMarshall) January 21, 2014


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