“Chicago Fire” star Monica Raymund comes out as bisexual on Twitter

Monica Raymund who many of us first came to love/hate as Dana Lodge on The Good Wife and who now plays bad ass paramedic/firefighter-in-training Gabriela Dawson on Chicago Fire, came out as bisexual via Twitter tonight.

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First she tweeted about a Norwegian artist’s protest against Russia’s anti-LGBT policies and noted that she is proud to be bisexual.

In case that wasn’t clear enough she followed it up with this tweet. Sorry to all the single ladies ready to line up for her, but Raymund is married.

Finally, lest we all think this is something she’s been hiding, she made it clear that she’s been out for a long time.

That Raymund has been out for a decade in her everyday life does not blunt the impact of a woman of color who is a star on a hit television show coming out as bisexual. If you’ve been following Raymund on Twitter, it’s no surprise to see her speaking out on behalf of the LGBT community. Russia’s anti-LGBT policies abroad have spurred many to speak out, and it was lovely to see Raymund let us know that she doesn’t just stand with us, she is one of us.