Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (September 15, 2006)

Megan on ANTMLast week I asked readers to let me know if they knew of any lesbian or bi contestants on the new cycle of America’s Next Top Model, debuting next Wednesday, September 20th, on The CW. Sure enough, a reader (thanks Mariana!) tipped me off that San Francisco bartender Megan Morris is an “out and proud” lesbian. Frankly, I’m shocked–what is the world coming to when even the short-haired San Francisco bartenders are lesbians?

Since her bio on the official site is sparse, here’s a quick rundown on Megan: she graduated from the University of San Francisco with a degree in Media Studies, and a minor in African Studies; her passion is filmmaking (when she’s not bartending); she has a puppy named Nola; and yes, she’s single.

On the more serious side, when Megan was nine years old, she and her mother were reportedly in a plane crash which resulted in her mother’s death from hypothermia. So if you needed another reason to root for her, there you go!

FX announced this week that Alanis Morisette will be guest-starring on Nip/Tuck for three episodes as a new love interest for lesbian anesthesiologist Liz (Roma Maffia), beginning October 31st.

Speaking of Nip/Tuck, when they announced this summer that Sanaa Lathan was joining the cast this season as the wife of a wealthy businessman, I mentioned that I hoped they found a way to make her gay. The Nip/Tuck writers clearly had the same idea, although it didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped: this week’s episode of the FX drama had a creepy scene involving Jacqueline Bissett feeling up Lathan’s character in a parking lot–but in a predatory, not sexy, way.

There is a silver lining to this dark and twisted plot development, though: this is one lesbian TV storyline that I’m fairly certain won’t end with the two women deciding to have a baby.

The Black Dahlia, opening nationwide this weekend, is not a lesbian movie whatsoever, but it does feature bisexual characters played by Mia Kirshner and Hilary Swank, a performance by k.d. lang, and police staking out lesbian bars.
Director Brian de Palma talked about this in a recent interview: “I said, ‘Why not have a Lesbian chorus line of these drop-dead beautiful girls making out with each other?’ So I had this choreographer that worked for me, a French choreographer that worked with me on Femme Fatale and she actually had these Bulgarian dancers and a couple of ringers from Paris.” Ah yes, I had a ringer from Paris once. Good times, good times.

Qiao QiaoChina’s first out lesbian singer has released the country’s first lesbian music video. 28-year-old Qiao Qiao’s song “Ai Bu Fen” (“Love Does Not Discriminate”) is the first openly lesbian song in the People’s Republic of China.

The lyrics, which roughly translate to “Love has no right or wrong, love is not affected by rumors, I will never stop looking for you, you are my everything, etc.” aren’t going to win any songwriting prizes, and the video’s ending follows in the grand tradition of tragic lesbian stories. But who cares? It’s a good song, and an overdue milestone.

Watch it, and then read about it.


Brad Pitt recently told Esquire magazine in an interview for their upcoming October edition that he and Angelina Jolie won’t get married until everyone can. Since Brad was more than willing to marry Jennifer Aniston, does anyone else see Angelina’s hand behind this? Just call her the pupPitt master…