Watch now! H.G. Wells returns in the for the final season of “Warehouse 13”

What’s that I smell? Is it apples? Yes, indeed! After announcing over the weekend that the final (sniffle) season of Warehouse 13 will launch on April 14, Syfy has finally dropped a promo — and hold onto your pantaloons, queermos, because H.G. Wells is back! And she is not stuck in Wisconsin with that boring old everyman and his (admittedly adorable) daughter!

Did you notice what I noticed? What I noticed was the narrator kept calling it “awkward” whenever Pete and Myka were engaged in anything other than brotherly/sisterly affection.


And that H.G. Wells is back, baby! Really back!


And Myka is doing something with H.G.’s time machine, which I wish to God was a euphemism.


I know it is the longest shot in the history of longshots, but heavens to giraffe princesses, I am so tired of watching Jaime Murray make out with every sci-fi/fantasy character who is not played by Joanne Kelly! Let this be the year! Let Myka and H.G. enjoy the lasting affair they deserve!

How are you feeling now that the final season of Warehouse 13 is finally upon us?