“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.13): Cat’s Outta the Bag

It feels like forever since Grey’s Anatomy went on hiatus. So good thing that the returning episode picks up, right where they left off. If you recall, April forced Meredith and Cristina to bury the hatchet, Arizona spilled with tears and fears about her future with Callie, Ross turned Alex’s dad’s heart into hamburger and Derek got a call from the President of the United States. (Maybe he wants Derek to be the new VP. Sorry, Scandal tie in.) Oh what else happened? Oh yeah, Jackson went all The Graduate on April’s wedding and professed his love in front of all their friends, families and respective love interests. Just another Saturday in Seattle.

The barn doors slide open to reveal April, happily running with a man in a suit. That man is not her betrothed, but rather Jackson, who is beaming. April too is all smiles until they get into Jackson’s car, where she promptly freaks the hell out. I love character continuity. Of course April would pick Jackson Avery, and of course she would flip her biscuit once the realization of her enormous decision set in. If April had a spin off, it would be called, That’s So Kepler. Jackson manages to calm her for a second, which is enough time to make out, and drive off like a heartbreaking Bonnie and Clyde.


Back at the Barn, dealing with the carnage are Meredith, Derek and Cristina. Meredith is slamming things about because Derek has just revealed he’s been called upon by POTUS to save the world’s brains, which means she will have to once again sacrifice her time and research. Cristina is so impressed with April’s chutzpah that she is the new acting president of the April Kepler Fan Club.

At the hospital, Alex finds out about Ross’s disastrous surgery on his father and demands that he be fired. Or murdered. Or both. Leah spills the beans about the fudging hours trick that an overtired Shane has been using. Later, Shane collapses outside, still covered in Jimmy’s blood.

Still donning her blush and bashful bridesmaid gown, Arizona is in tears as she tries to shove all of April’s wedding presents into the back of her car. Callie tries to calm and reassure her that she will fix it, but a dam has busted inside Arizona. She finally tells Callie that she doesn’t want to be fixed and she isn’t the same person she was before the crash. Callie stands there, trying to absorb this flood of honesty and emotion. Then Arizona releases the three words that we’ve all been dreading, but knew were coming. “This isn’t working.” Callie suggests they go home and talk this through, but their house no longer feels like a home to Arizona. Oh Calzona, how you manage to break my heart every damn time.


Also on a Truth Tour to BreakUpVille are Ben and Bailey. Bailey screams that she doesn’t want a marriage like her first one, full of impossible expectations and inevitable disappointment. She can’t believe Ben would walk away from surgery, something that her own heart is tied to. He finally admits that he didn’t leave because he didn’t love surgery. In fact, he was a freaking rock star at it. He left because he couldn’t stand being away from his family. Bailey lets that truth bomb sink in.

As April and Jackson drive away, April demands that he pull over in the middle of the woods. She asks if this was his plan along and gets out. Even April’s cold feet, have cold feet.

Flash forward to three weeks later.

Grey’s, you do love a good flash forward dontcha? Arizona stands outside a house with a realtor, who comments that she acts fast. Arizona says she needed a fresh start. Right then, just as our Calzona hearts were sinking like stones, Callie emerges from the house! She’s convinced a suspicious rust stain in the bathroom is actually blood. The McDreamy’s might have the MerDer Mansion, but now Calzona have The Murder House! Yes, it’s a new home, for both of them and Sofia! A new start. They kiss and it’s magical. Sweet, and hopeful and finally free from angst. (My invitation to their housewarming must have gotten lost in the mail.)


Back at the hospital, the second years are gossiping, like they do, but this time they have a new recruit. Ben is a resident now. Leah and Jo talk about how they can’t believe that Shane is back, and Ben tries to be the calm, mature voice of reason. For his insolence, Leah calls him Pops. Stephanie has finally decided to join the living as well, after her recent public humiliation a la Avery.

Alex’s dad Jimmy is still holding on, but barely, so Alex reaches out to his father’s ex and mother of his son, Naomi. When she arrives, Alex introduces Jo to her as his fiancé, which is kind of news to Jo. Naomi is also surprised (and pissed) when Alex reveals that Jimmy isn’t dead like he told her on the phone. Instead of staying to let Jimmy make his amends and try to connect with his son, Naomi takes his guitar (which belonged to her father and Jimmy stole) and gets the hell out of there. Before she leaves, she compares Alex to his father, which cuts like a scalpel.


The POTW (Patient of the Week) is the victim of a car accident. He also happens to look like a cat. His altered visage was enough to distract a driver who plowed into him and a little girl on the sidewalk.