“The Good Wife” recap (5.13): Parallel Construction, Bitches

After a hiatus of approximately 325 years, The Good Wife is back on our screens on Sunday nights. Hallelujah! For those of you who are just here for the naughty Kalinda bits, I will warn you off the bat that while we do get to see her in bed this episode, a fact I always celebrate, her partner in said bed is not a lady. Which for Kalinda is fine, but for a lot of us is a little sad.

The main courtroom drama is a twisty turny one that mainly centers around government spying, a plot that might not have been my favorite on any other day. But it’s been so long since the last new episode that just seeing these strong female characters again, and witnessing such sharp and fast writing again, felt almost like a revelation.

I also didn’t even have to come up with a witty title for this recap, because “Parallel Construction, Bitches” is the actual, official CBS title of the episode, which is sort of amazing. Keep that parallel construction phrase in mind, though, because it ends up being the most interesting legal part of the whole story.

We begin in Alicia’s apartment, viewing something we don’t see that often: her hanging out with her kids and watching TV. You know, like a regular mom! Except that she still looks classy as fuck and is sipping a red wine that probably costs more than what I make in a month, so, not exactly creeping into Roseanne territory. The show they’re watching is some type of gag on a stereotypical crime drama, and Grace’s deadpan descriptions of what’s happening, provided for Alicia’s clearly mystified face, are surprisingly amusing.

A knock on the door interrupts; Alicia sends Zach to greet who she assumes to be the dry cleaner. Because Alicia is the type of person who has pick up dry cleaning service. The guy who is actually behind the door goes along with the dry cleaning bit for a while, until he casually informs Zach that his name is Charles Lester, personal attorney of one Lemond Bishop. Alicia quickly scurries to the door and urges her children to get themselves to their rooms immediately. Because that’s not suspicious sounding at all, Mom.


5goodwife13screencap2I get a similar face when someone interrupts my TV time.