“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.15): Achilles Heely

It’s the kind of morning in Seattle where the sun is streaming in, and jaunty covers of ’80s pop songs fill our ears. When Arizona rises and rubs the sleep from her beautiful eyes, she notices an unfortunate combination: prosthetic leg and a toppled over sippy cup. Sticky.

Having a worse time this morning is a patient with a severe head injury. Owen and April work hard to save him but he crashes. Even with my limited medical expertise, I would wager that when a person’s brain is hanging out the side of their head, it’s probably not a good sign. The patient shows no brain activity, but he may be a viable candidate for organ donation.

Stephanie is doing her best to get through the morning, when she sees Jackson, and actually hides so she doesn’t have to deal with him.

When Callie walks into the bedroom, she finds Arizona blow drying her prosthesis. Arizona complains about Sofia playing with her leg and spilling juice on it, which is certainly a unique parental concern. Callie carries in a box and asks Arizona what she should do with the contents. Inside is what amounts to Arizona’s Patronus: Her famous heely shoes. Without so much as a second glance, Arizona tells Callie to toss them in the trash. Arizona may be putting up a brave front, but Callie looks sad at the thought of letting go of this particular part of the past.


At the hospital, Alex and Arizona consult with a young patient with a bile disorder and his mother. The docs are trying to avoid performing a liver transplant of the little tyke, and are considering other options. Unbeknownst to Arizona, her pant leg is hiked up, exposing her prosthetic leg. The young patient notices and asked her if she is a robot. Arizona handles it in stride. When he inquires about any possible bionic superpowers, she gives him a wink and a smile, like the Arizona that we know and love. A few months ago, this would have caused Arizona distress. However, it appears that the “good man in a storm” is slowly but surely making her way back to us.

The good mood is quickly dampened however when Owen informs Jo that she is off of Peds service for the time being, and Alex is suspended for breaking the new fraternization policy…oh, yeah, and giving the big “fuck you” to the board. Alex is furious because this means that he won’t be able to operate on the young patient. Before Arizona can saunter off whistling a happy tune whilst bluebirds flutter around her, Owen has some orders. HR wants to talk to her. She’s confused, but when Owen tells her that it was Leah who filed the complaint, Arizona’s confusion turns into more of a stomach churning bewilderment. Owen forbids her to have any contact with Leah until this situation is sorted out.

Derek and Meredith make their way in and are greeted by Callie, who wants to talk about their sensor research project. Derek, who is distracted by his own greatness, blows her off in such a grand style that even Meredith calls him out on it. I love Derek and his magical hair, but when he’s a dick, he’s the biggest dick there is.


Due to the fact that Cristina slept with Shane, who subsequently stayed up for 100 hours and turned a man’s heart into hamburger helper, she is hesitant to work with him again. Richard tells her that he doesn’t really care if his penis and her vagina shook hands, it’s his call. When she protests and suggests that The Chief (being Owen) wouldn’t be down with that, Richard reminds her that he will always be The Chief to her.

Out back by dumpsters, Jo and Stephanie chat for the first time since Jo revealed that April and Jackson were together. Jo apologizes for causing Stephanie any pain. Stephanie tells Jo that she envies the fact that she’s not supposed to see Alex around, and only wishes the same could be true for her and Jackson. She was tossed away like so much trash, not unlike THIS BABY IN A CARDBOARD BOX! They discover an abandoned baby crying and rush him into the hospital. They call in Arizona who notes that the baby has had previous heart surgery. She sends Jo and Steph to find out who this baby is, and if he’s ever been a patient there. After Arizona hands the baby over to Jo, she peels back the exam room curtain and is promptly run over by a rushing Stephanie pushing a gurney. Arizona goes ass over tit, and breaks her fake leg. Everyone is horrified, but not Arizona. She’s calm as a cucumber. Like a good lesbian, she has another in the trunk. Probably right next to a couple of fold out chairs for any impromptu outdoor Indigo Girls concerts that may come up.


In an exam room, Arizona is a popular patient, with Bailey, Owen and Jo running in to make sure she’s all right. She gets her spare leg in time for Callie to come in, and clear everyone out. It’s really sexy, actually. Callie notes that this is the leg that chafes Arizona, but desperate times call for desperate measures. While Callie is tenderly tending to her wife’s leg, Arizona breaks the news about having to report to HR based on Leah’s complaint. Callie gentle simmers like a pot of rage stew. 

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