5 things we learned about “Pretty Little Liars” from Paleyfest

The Paley Center For Media's PaleyFest 2014 Honoring "Pretty Little Liars"

As is their annual custom, the cast and crew of Pretty Little Liars landed at PaleyFest on Saturday for a meet-and-greet/Q&A with super fans, before tomorrow night’s season four finale. According to my buddy who hit up the Dolby Theatre to try to catch a glimpse at Shay Mitchell‘s shoulders and also to hear some homo scoop live, the event was “super straight and super white and super young,” which means of course that Paleyfest was less like Pailyfest and more like Ezriafest. My buddy also said she suspects the panel moderator is the person who makes up the ABC Family hashtags during the show, which, after watching the video, I think is a really solid theory.

But it wasn’t all talk about Keegan Allen‘s abs and how to score a date with Ian Harding. There were mentions of things that will delight the #BooRadleyVanCullen faithful:

1. Emily’s love life is going to be as bananas as ever.

When asked on the red carpet about whether or not there was hope for a Paige and Emily reconciliation in Season 5, Shay Mitchell said: “I think, what else do you have but hope; you know what I mean? I love their relationship and I’m a big fan of them as a couple, but I think that Emily is going through a lot of changes right now, especially with Alison being back, so who knows what is going to happen? I’m just as excited as the fans are to find out what’s going to happen in Emily’s love life. ” (Pair with a few PLL writers on Twitter confirming that Lindsey Shaw will definitely be back for Season 5. Is it too much to hope that Maya will return from the grave too?)

2. Shay Mitchell continues to be flawless.

When asked how she’s feeling about playing a lesbian character four seasons into the show, she said, “It’s great because I feel like a lot of people are honestly watching with their families. It’s nice to be a part of that conversation and it’s very organic the way it comes about. I love the storyline I’ve had with my character; it’s fun having a lot of different girlfriends. I’m all the time asking Marlene, ‘Who’s next?'”

2014 PaleyFest - "Pretty Little Liars"

3. Ali will be the fifth Little Liar in Season 5.

Ali’s return to corporeal form is going to affect each of the Liars in different ways, as well as the Liars’ relationships with each other and their significant others. According to Marlene King, Ali’s resurrection will “cause the dynamic to change drastically. She’s now the victim. When it was the five of them, Ali always had them under her thumb. Now, they have to find out the pain that she has felt. Welcoming her back is going to be not as easy as it should be. Season 5 is shaping up to be, emotionally, the most complex season so far. There are five Pretty Little Liars now.”

4. A musical episode could be in the works.

According to TVLine: “The possibility of a musical episode of Pretty Little Liars was once again raised during the panel, and this time, most of the stars—especially Lucy Hale—seemed game for it. ‘The reality is … producing them takes longer,’ executive producer Oliver Goldstick explained of musical episodes. ‘But it’s not impossible.'”

5. The show might end with a movie.

Marlene King says they talk about it all the time, and that she’d “love to make a movie when the show ends.” And you thought masks upon masks upon masks was creepy on the small screen!

But really, the only thing we know for sure (because none of us are Grunwalds) is that the finale airs tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. and we’ll be there with all the boysenberry pie and Board Shorts Ale that’s fit to choke on.